Recruiting Pricing Packages

Guaranteed volume of pre-screened candidates every month (that match your hiring criteria) - for a flat rate. Just that simple.

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With pre-screened candidates, get back hours of every week.

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Cost Per Hire
Pre-Screened Candidates
Guaranteed Candidate Volume
Optimized Marketing Campaigns
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Screening Criteria

We send up-to-date notes from our pre-screening calls. Here is what we are cover:

Relevant Trades Experience - Carpentry, Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC, Pest Control, Solar, etc.
Candidate Reliability - Can they show up when they say they will?
Review candidate's resumés and fill in any gaps
Ensure all candidates have their own tools, truck, or other required equipment for the job
Ensure all candidates are in the proper geographic area
Collect candidate salary/hourly requirements and career goals
Gather Info on why they are looking for a new position and why they left their last position.

Trades Recruiting Toolbox

Our simple tools help you get more candidates - stop wrestling with software

Pre-vetted Candidates

We will take your requirements and knock out questions to make sure only qualified candidates are landing in your inbox.

Common Application

Less friction for candidates means more applicants for you! Classet will plug your application into our common app so users are able to apply with as little friction as possible.

Economies of scale recruiting

It's expensive to spin up one-off recruiting campaigns. Let us manage your recruiting spend and optimize reach across the industry.

Simple Interface

No need to learn new interfaces. Our candidates will all aggregate in your inbox to make it incredibly easy to move candidates forward in your hiring process

Candidate marketing across all sources

100+ job boards, Social media, community & school partnerships, SEO, and job boards.

Referral Programs

Add an easy text message referral program to your existing workforce.