About Classet

Classet was founded to improve the massive skills gap and the lack of upward mobility in the blue collar space. We believe everyone should have access to a quality, economically sustainable, and rewarding career. We want to help make that a reality.

Higher education is simply not the answer for many.
Less than two thirds of US high school graduates go on to attend a 4 year university. Finding a path to a stable, high paying career without a college degree is an incredible challenge. Classet is focused on creating sustainable upward mobility for the underserved blue collar workforce.

Previously, we founded Bluecrew, a software company that automates the matching and dispatching of hundreds of thousands of industrial and logistics employees. At Bluecrew, we saw first hand the low career ceiling (even for extremely talented employees) in the blue collar space. In many instances, the top employees in manufacturing/warehousing environments are presented with very little opportunity to grow and develop.

The raw materials are there, the chisel is not.  The best workers are lacking a realistic mechanism to drive their earning potential.

Our Culture (Goals)

Build your community with the community. We have set aside a percentage of the company for Classet Mentors and Alumni.

The best employees are grown – not found. It is easier to educate a Do-er than to motivate the educated.

We are Lifelong Learners - Learning requires boredom and free time, not constant busy work. We try to keep that in mind and seek to always be learning.

We are Transparent - Detailed, thorough, and regular feedback from a manager is the highest ROI activities a manager can provide.

Quality over quantity - Hire only the best and smartest people, with the same mission to raise wages of hard working, eager people –- no a-holes

We are a deliverables based company. We believe in autonomy.
Work when you want as long as you deliver.

No stress no guilt Fridays

Get ready for the next week, reflect on the last week, make sure you are only doing the things that will prevent the 'Sunday Scaries'. Then work on side projects you are passionate about, or things divergent from your M-Th role.