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Reach the best pool of engaged students and apprentices. We partner directly with high schools, community organizations, and run our own marketing to bring everyone with a passion and potential for the trades into one place.

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Classet makes it easy for students to complete your application process, gather all of their prerequisites, and be prepared for their first day as an apprentice. We provide direct support with applications to ensure they understand the demands of the job and set them up for success.  Highlight your apprenticeship on Classet to ensure you always have plenty of qualified applicants to keep your trade growing.

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We focus on highlighting the benefits of apprenticeship to a wide applicant pool, and then feature your program directly to our forum. We'll get everything we need from you to start selling your apprenticeship to students in a 15-minute call.


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Instantly bring your application process online through our Classet Common Application, which includes collecting all of the prerequisites for your program. Need something customized about your application? We'll work with you to make sure we capture all information necessary for your program.


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As top candidates apply to become an apprentice with you, view their profile, references, work history, and skill assessments. Offer your top choices interviews or positions directly through Classet.


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Build your organization through adding the best talent to your team for years to come. Train the next generation of great Tradesmen and Women.

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