Women are 49.6% of the global population, but make up just 10% of total employees working in the skilled trades.  Nearly every skilled trade occupation wants more women to learn and start a career in their field!

Nearly every skilled trade occupation in the US is actively working to get more women in their field.  This is (in part) because the Department of Labor regulated many skilled trades to ensure that they are offering equal opportunities for employment.

Are there any skilled trades women can’t do?

No!  While there are certainly skilled trade careers that are more physically demanding, there are still women represented (in some capacity) in every skilled trade in the world.  What’s important is not your gender, it’s finding a career that you are excited about, will enjoy doing, and find rewarding at the end of the day!

What fields are trying to recruit more women?

Construction Trades in particular are really putting a lot of emphasis on recruiting more females into their professions, primarily based on historical imbalances in their male to female ratio.  However, no reputable program should ever turn you away on the basis of gender (or on the basis of any protected characteristic for that matter).  As long as you are choosing something you are excited about learning and doing every day, you can’t go wrong!

How do I get started as a woman looking to begin a career in skilled trades?

You can browse all of the opportunities to learn and start a skilled trades career on Classet.  If you are curious or unsure about how many women might either be participating in or graduates of a particular program, you can also ask in the Classet Community Forum so that can get the information right from the source!

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