Considering pursuing a career in the skilled trades?  Want to also make sure you are learning something that will both be in-demand and help build a brighter future?  Look no further.

One amazing advantage of learning (and starting a career) in the skilled trades is the incredible resilience these fields have, even with a highly unpredictable future.  It seems like you can’t go more than a week without hearing about how Elon Musk is going to make all cars driverless by 2030, or how the warehousing and fulfillment industries will be nearly human-free in the near future.  Careers in the skilled trades are incredibly difficult to automate because they require months or even years of specialized training, and nearly impossible to outsource to cheaper, overseas labor.  You can also find many careers in skilled trades that will play a direct role in building a better future for everyone.

How skilled trades will impact the future

Looking toward the future, it’s good to keep the following fields in mind:

  • Medical Skilled Trades: As the baby boomers continue to retire and move into their golden years, medical skilled trades will continue to be in high demand.
  • Construction Skilled Trades:  The average age of those working in construction skilled trades is almost 55, which means that for years to come, there will always be a steady supply of openings in construction-based Skilled Trades.
  • Energy Skilled Trades: New and cutting edge fields like solar and wind power will be big drivers of new jobs in the coming decades.  As the world looks to decrease its dependence on fossil fuels, these are great fields to look at!

Specific Skilled Trades to consider & why they matter

  • Medical Skilled Trades: Positions like nursing assistants, medical technicians, and in-home health aides will have massive career growth and a stable demand
  • Construction Skilled Trades:  Careers like electricians, plumbers, carpenters, welders, and heavy machine operators will continue to see high demand and incredible earning power
  • Energy Skilled Trades: Positions like solar panel installers and technicians and wind turbine technicians will be in high demand as we continue to shift our global energy footprint

Where to learn more

You can browse all of the opportunities to learn and start a skilled trades career on Classet.  If you are curious or unsure about how some skilled trades will change in the future, you can also ask in the Classet Community Forum so that you can get the information right from the source!

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