Finishing trades are the people who do the finishing work on a building. They are the painters, the tilers, the masons, and the drywallers. They are the people who make the final touches to a building or home. These trades are a great mix of artisanship and craftsmanship since they are the finishing touches on a home or building. The finishing trades require less building code memorization and more of a steady hand and attention to details.

Finishing trades can often be learned best from a mentor and by trial and error without the need for extensive classes or training to memorize facts. Youtube also has great videos for learning the tips and tricks of the finishing trades.

Tilers, plasters, and drywallers typically work on the inside of houses while brick masons typically work outdoors. Painters are can be focused on interiors or exteriors. Drywallers and tilers have to work efficiently and accurately to ensure the caulk does not dry and to avoid having to pull up tiles or resurface the walls. Brick & concrete masons typically are working on exteriors of houses and retaining walls. Masons are typically unloading heavy rocks or bricks so it ensuring safe lifting techniques is a must. All these careers can be tough on the body sometimes as you are stretching, lifting, or on your knees for large portions of the day.

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