Need a great resource for students who aren’t interested in going to a traditional college?

We noticed that there really aren’t a lot of great solutions when it comes to teaching students (or young people generally) about all of the amazing career paths that exist outside of the traditional university structure.  To solve this, we created the Periodic Table of Skilled Trades, a fully interactive resource to allow anyone to get educated about careers that don’t require a degree.

How does it work?

Over 60 unique career pathways are currently featured.  Every career path can be clicked on to view a series of short, day in the life videos of people who are actually working in these careers.  We think it’s best for anyone who is interested to learn about opportunities directly from the source: the good, the bad, and the weird!

If you click on ‘Learn More’ you’ll be brought to a full overview where you can see the anticipated career growth (via a direct integration with BLS data), typical salary ranges, and more detailed characteristics of the job.

How much does it cost?

The Classet Periodic Table of Skilled Trades is a completely free resource!  This was designed to educate more people on amazing career options, and there is no cost to use this.  Our mission is to move more people across America into real, viable careers with real earning potential.

How can I get started?

Anyone who is interested in exploring skilled occupations or crafts can do so directly through Classet.  If you are interested in more educational materials, we are happy to provide you with posters, scannable QR codes, and brochures!  Reach out to us at 

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