You can find anything you are looking for in a career in the world of skilled trades.  Want something where you won’t have to deal with people regularly (or at all?)

One of the best things about starting a career in the skilled trades is that you can find something that works for every personality type and interest.  So whether you dread dealing with customers, work better independently, or if you thrive in a team environment, there is something for everyone.

What should I avoid?

Even within the same skilled trade, you can find opportunities to thrive as an introvert or extrovert.  That said, many construction trades will require you to work as part of a team, especially on the commercial side.  This includes working on large projects like skyscrapers, infrastructure, airports, or other large scale public construction projects.  If you function better working independently, you may find that working in trades on the more residential construction side.  You can find these opportunities in skilled trades like plumbing, electricians, and carpenters.  You may want to consider avoiding skilled trades like cosmetologists, and both the hospitality and medical fields, as all of those will require very regular interaction with people.

What fields should I focus on, as an introvert?

Keep in mind that there is no single answer, it heavily depends on the types of companies or contractors you decide to work for.  Some great opportunities for introverts include heavy machine operators (think about working independently all day operating a crane), roofers, welders, or metal fabrication.  

Will I be limited in my career by being an introvert?

Definitely not!  Again, skilled trades careers offer a little bit of something for everyone.  As long as you are thoughtful about which trade to go into and which company to work for, you will find yourself with plenty of opportunities to advance and excel in your career.

How can I learn more about different skilled trades career paths?

You can browse all of the opportunities to learn and start a skilled trades career on Classet. If you are curious or unsure about what might be best for you as an introvert, you can also ask in the Classet Community Forum so that you can get the information right from the source!

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