Classet for Nolan Consulting Group Members

A Predictable Pipeline of High Quality Applicants.

Screening Criteria

After recruiting for hundreds of businesses across the country, here are the things we've learned to look for in every single call we have with potential candidates:

Relevant Experience based on what YOUR business needs.
Review candidate's resumés and fill in any gaps
Ensure all candidates have their own tools (and truck if needed)!
Ensure all candidates are in the proper geographic area
Collect candidate salary/hourly requirements
Gather Info on why they are looking for a new position and why they left their last one

How It Works

Classet is a hiring tool built for the Skilled Trades.

Just give us some basic information to make sure we're matching you with the right candidates.

We get to work.

We'll handle all candidate marketing.

Don't waste time on the ghosters.

We will pre-screen and vet all candidates before you see them.

Grow your team with the best employees.

You get a steady stream of qualified applicants every month, for one fixed price.

Find Me Candidates!