Say Hello to Hassle-Free Hiring.

Meet Joy, the AI-driven recruiter who calls and filters candidates instantly, saving you hours every day.

  • Customize Joy's screening script and questions
  • Applicants get an instant call from Joy
  • Review the recording with conversation highlights to find your perfect match!
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Meet Joy, Your 24/7 Phone Screener

Engage Candidates Instantly (24 / 7)

Sell your role and the company

Customize your screening script to create a cookie cutter sales pitch for you company positions

Answer FAQs from the Candidate

Autopilot will answer all the repetitive question

Your autopilot can answer all the common questions you answer over and over for candidates

Confirm Must-Have Criteria

Ensure candidates meet your requirements

Double check that the candidates read the job description and fit the role.

Dive Deeper Into Work Experience

Fill in resume gaps and get the full picture

Classet parses the resume automatically and digs into any resume gaps or job hopping backgrounds.

Step 5

Get Availability & Communicate Next Steps

Automatically schedule Interviews

Avoid phone tag and ghosting from candidates with our smart connect call scheduler.

Review Recording & Call Summary

You save 5+ hours a week chasing down candidates and have all the info you need to weed out the poor candidates.

The candidate currently runs his own handyman business. He is seeking more stable employment due to his wife's upcoming childbirth and his desire to avoid the varying income of running his own business. He currently lives in Elgin, IL and is willing to commute 45 minutes to work. He has his own truck and tools, and showed significant understanding of various home repair projects. He's expecting to make above $30 / hour and has an interest in the revenue sharing opportunity at Classet. He was in full agreement with undergoing a background check and possesses over five years of experience in the field. He is comfortable interacting with clients and managing unexpected complications on jobs. His expected start date is immediate, but he did forewarn about needing some time off in August due to his wife's childbirth. He expressed that he is most reachable for follow-up calls after 3 p.m.

Faster Outreach = More Hires

  • +300% Increase In Hires with Instant Outreach. 183 of 400 successful hires were contacted the same day they applied.
  • The best candidates don't stick around for drawn out hiring processes
  • 70% of applicants evaporate before they are contacted.
Autopilot Calls Outperform Humans
Recruiter Calls
Outreach Time
3+ days
Candidate Calls
15 / day
Time Investment
15 hours / week
Call Consistency

The Fastest Way To Review Applicants

  • Call Recording & Notes are summarized and emailed after with % fit ratings.
  • Choose the best candidates to interview and we will schedule a call... all you need to do is pick up their call.
  • Save hours of screening and chasing down unqualified candidates

Process Applicants - At Scale

  • Give us your ‘must have’ criteria for the role
  • Years of experience, commute requirements, areas of specialty, zip codes or radius from your office
  • Never deal with sifting through completely irrelevant resumés again