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HiTech Termite Control

First.... about Termites!

Termites are the #1 cause of property damage in the US. Not killer tornados or hurricanes... Minuscule Termites! Termites might seem like a minor problem until you face them yourself. There are over 40 species of termites in the United States, making termites the most prevalent problem for house owners all over the country. If the termite infestation isn't identified and eliminated early, termite damage repair can cost a fortune. That's where we come in.

About HiTech Termite Control

We use Microwave Technology to zap termites. This process is safer, cleaner, and faster than doing a large tent-style fumigation (like you may have seen in the movies). We need to add skilled, eager, and customer-service focused technicians to join our team and help the business keep growing!

A Day in the Life at HiTech

We have a wide service area, covering nearly the entire Bay Area from San Francisco to Livermore. You'll work and travel all over the beautiful Bay Area every day!

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