H2I Group, Inc.


H2I Group, Inc. At A Glance

At H2I Group, we believe safe, thoughtfully designed spaces are essential for health and well-being because they foster motivation, curiosity & play. We accomplish this by hiring dedicated talent, sourcing the highest quality materials & products and partnering with the most reputable suppliers in the industry. This results in the success of building up communities by creating inclusive athletic centers, inspiring science facilities, accessible STEM Labs and more.  Our Expertise Includes:

-Outfitting K-12 high schools across the country with user friendly, cost efficient STEM Solutions for Labs and Maker Spaces

-Constructing full scale science laboratories, from subfloor to rafters & casework to fume hoods for higher education, colleges, healthcare and pharmaceutical industry

-Raising or renovating, indoor and outdoor athletic stadiums including multipurpose gyms, court specific centers, modular turf to wood gym flooring plus bleachers, scoreboards and more

- Enhancing employee, visitor & customer experience with finished professional carpentry & millwork and flooring  Our LEGACY H2I Group prioritizes people over profits.

Our talent, passion and healthy environment makes this company the greatest place to work and the best company to do business with. We offer Employee Stock Ownership Plan that is second to none, competitive benefits, engaged wellness programs and excellent pay structure. Our LEGACY is in our Leadership, Entrepreneurial mindset, Goal Driven, Accountability, Courage and You‚Ķ yes, you. Bring your skills here and join the team.    H2I Group is growing exponentially from organic sales and business acquisitions. We have recently acquired the following companies and are always open to new opportunities. Interested in selling? Send us an email!  - Anderson Ladd - Academic Specialties, Inc. - Academic Specialties Texas - Iowa Direct Equipment and Appraisal - Hicks-Ashby Company - Dow - Paton Group - RPE Laser


Are you planning to stay at your basic job, or is today the day you summon the courage to pursue your career? You are a positive person. You look for solutions and communicate results. You are determined to show the world just how beautiful it can be when the right people work together. And that is why you belong at H2I Group. How we are treated and treat each other is what makes H2I Group the greatest company in the world. We work hard and are rewarded with the benefits of employee ownership, profit sharing, and scholarship opportunities for our children and grandchildren. If you want more from life than you have now…why are you still reading this?

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