Applicant Relationship Management

Take the grunt work out of recruiting and attract the best skilled trades workers.

Meet Joy, Your 24/7 Phone Screener

Engage Candidates Instantly (24 / 7)

Sell your role and the company

Customize your screening script to create a cookie cutter sales pitch for you company positions

Answer FAQs from the Candidate

Autopilot will answer all the repetitive question

Your autopilot can answer all the common questions you answer over and over for candidates

Confirm Must-Have Criteria

Ensure candidates meet your requirements

Double check that the candidates read the job description and fit the role.

Dive Deeper Into Work Experience

Fill in resume gaps and get the full picture

Classet parses the resume automatically and digs into any resume gaps or job hopping backgrounds.

Step 5

Get Availability & Communicate Next Steps

Automatically schedule Interviews

Avoid phone tag and ghosting from candidates with our smart connect call scheduler.

Review Recording & Call Summary

You save 5+ hours a week chasing down candidates and have all the info you need to weed out the poor candidates.

The candidate currently runs his own handyman business. He is seeking more stable employment due to his wife's upcoming childbirth and his desire to avoid the varying income of running his own business. He currently lives in Elgin, IL and is willing to commute 45 minutes to work. He has his own truck and tools, and showed significant understanding of various home repair projects. He's expecting to make above $30 / hour and has an interest in the revenue sharing opportunity at Classet. He was in full agreement with undergoing a background check and possesses over five years of experience in the field. He is comfortable interacting with clients and managing unexpected complications on jobs. His expected start date is immediate, but he did forewarn about needing some time off in August due to his wife's childbirth. He expressed that he is most reachable for follow-up calls after 3 p.m.

Tools To Hire Contractors & Trades Workers

Classet's hiring toolbox takes the grunt work out of recruiting and helps you fill the most challenging roles

Optimized Recruiting For Each Job Across Hundreds of Job boards, Social Media, and Community Marketing
Dedicated Phone Screeners write detailed notes on candidates to fill in Resume gaps and reduce candidate ghosting.
Custom Streamlined Applications to filter out ‘must have’ criteria for the role
We build you a careers page that converts so Candidates Can Learn About your Company and Apply to Jobs

Never worry about recruiting again.

  • We build you a custom careers page that converts candidates.
  • Mobile and SEO friendly so your jobs show at the top of the search.

Process Applicants - At Scale

  • Give us your ‘must have’ criteria for the role
  • Years of experience, commute requirements, areas of specialty, zip codes or radius from your office
  • Never deal with sifting through completely irrelevant resumés again

Project Portfolios -Review Real Work

  • Traditional resumes fall short in showcasing abilities in the skilled trade
  • Dive into photos and videos of candidate projects

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Classet find candidates? What resources do you use?

Classet advertises your jobs on a network of 100s of job boards and we optimize our advertising to surface your job to as many candidates as possible. We also have a large database of candidates that are creating visual portfolios of their work that we retarget and we advertise on social media, and with community marketing.

It's expensive to spin up one-off recruiting campaigns. Let us manage your recruiting spend and optimize reach across the industry.

If you are looking for apprentices or people just getting into the trades, Classet works with school districts and has created tools for people to explore the trades vs the traditional college paths. The shortage of trades workers will only get better if we can train up the next generation of contractors and tradesmen out of school!

How is Classet different from a job board?

Classet only passes you candidates that match your 'must have' criteria. Most job boards send over anyone with a pulse who applies which adds a lot of wasted time sifting through unqualified candidates for you. We take the grunt work out of recruiting so you are only actioning candidates that are a good fit. We think of our screening team as an extension of your team, so if you need to make adjustments to the process or filters, we can react quickly.

How much does Classet Cost?

Classet packages include marketing and screening candidates - we offer flexible pricing to compliment your existing processes.

What if Classet can't find me candidates?

With Classet, we give you the best resource available on the market to find and hire skilled workers. In this challenging market, we leave no stone unturned in terms of our digital reach, and you will have full access to our market and recruitment data so we can make you successful.

What happens if Classet has two very similar jobs in the same market?

Having more jobs in an area actually helps you get more candidates. With more people in the market, you get the benefits of the added advertising in the area. Many times great candidates aren't a culture fit for one job but can thrive at another.If you have 2 similar open roles in the area, we can coordinate in the screening call to find the location that is best for you and the candidate.

How is Classet different from a recruiting agency or staffing agency?

How is Classet different from a recruiting agency or staffing agency?Classet takes zero finders fees or hiring fees, we only charge a flat monthly fee to boost your jobs and screen incoming candidates.

Recruiting agencies charge 15-20% of the workers first year salary. Staffing agencies typically have a 50%+ markup on the hourly wage. Using the Classet Platform,  we typically see a cost of less than $500 per hire.

We don't pressure you to change your criteria or hire the wrong fit.

How do I get started hiring with Classet?

Give us your job details, Give us your ‘must have’ criteria for the role: Years of experience, commute requirements, areas of specialty, zip codes or radius from your office, Then submit payment and we'll start sending you prescreened candidates within 2 weeks of getting started.

Still have questions? Email us at [email protected]