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Tire Technician - Nashville

Nashville, TN

Job Description

Tire Technician

Posted: Sunday, 8/6/2023
A Tire Technician is responsible for the dismounting, mounting and balancing of all tires sold. The Tire Technician will also be required to install custom tire and wheel packages.

Job Qualifications:
  • Prior knowledge of tire related equipment and tools a plus
  • Valid Driver’s License

Education Requirements:
  • High School diploma or equivalent

Essential Job Functions:
  • Properly secure vehicle to lift to ensure safe operation
  • Properly dismount and remount tires and wheels securely on vehicle
  • Properly dismount and remount tires onto wheels without damaging either
  • Operate all related equipment and tools as trained
  • Operate independently and as a team member
  • Perform and demonstrate Customer Service Satisfaction
  • Operate safely and perform as listed below

Safety Requirements:
  • Perform all safety related items as per the Employee Safety Manual
  • Learn and maintain all lifting procedures
  • Learn and maintain all general housekeeping and ensure daily performance
  • Report all accidents and incidents immediately upon them taking place to your direct supervisor

Weight Requirements:
  • Lift a minimum of forty-five (45) pounds
  • Perform repeated and repetitive movement consistent within the tire industry

Other Duties/Responsibilities:
  • Other duties can and will arise and you should be prepared to take on these challenges openly.

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