Saint Anthony Hospital

Stationary Engineer - Chicago

Chicago, IL

Job Description

Stationary Engineer

Posted: Saturday, 3/23/2024

Stationary Engineer – Plant Ops Department

Day Shift, Limited Part-Time

Saint Anthony Hospital is a diverse and community-centric organization your career can thrive in, while addressing the health and wellness challenges that families in our neighborhood face. Our employees deliver on our mission and achieve success by working together to provide excellent customer service and patient care.

As part of Saint Anthony Hospital’s commitment to providing the highest quality health care, we will be building a new state-of-the-art hospital to serve as an anchor to the Focal Point Community Campus. Learn more at

Position Purpose:

  • Assists with monitoring and repair of: Boiler plant, and ensuring an adequate supply of steam for heat, sterilization, and other hospital requirements, HVAC equipment, and other operational functions of hospital equipment, and facilities.

Essential Functions:

  • Provides safe, functional supervision of boilers and cooling equipment and reports problems pertaining to performance or quality standards to supervisor.
  • Start and stop boilers, chillers, pumps air compressors, air handlers, elevators and other building equipment as needed.
  • Replace HEPA filters, as needed, on equipment. [This essential responsibility will be reassigned to other team members as a modification, based on physical restrictions.]
  • Fires boilers, operates auxiliary equipment, controls and adjusts the generation of a continuous supply of steam for heating, hot water and process operations.
  • Boilers, chillers, deaerators, water supply and waste systems, air handlers, pumps, heating, and cooling controls.
  • Maintain heating and cooling equipment as per manufacturers recommendations.
  • Change belts and filters (outside air and HEPA).
  • Clean cooling towers and maintain floats and controls.
  • Repair pump seals and gaskets
  • Repair broken pipes as needed [This essential responsibility will be reassigned to other team members as a modification, based on physical restrictions.]
  • Minor plumbing repairs as needed
  • Perform interior maintenance and cleaning of boilers and punch boiler fire side tubes. [This essential responsibility of interior maintenance will be reassigned to other team members as a modification, based on physical restrictions.]
  • Perform water analysis on boilers and chillers and make adjustments as needed based on water test results.
  • Replace lights and tubes.
  • Provides on call maintenance and service to clinical staff by means of on-call pager or telephone. Provide assistance as needed to include:
  • Assistance with customer service issues in regard to building, environment or comfort control issues
  • Nurse call systems
  • Heating and cooling calls
  • Assistance with bed moves and repairs
  • Keeps work areas and equipment, orderly, clean and safe.
  • Clean machinery of oil, dirt and debris
  • Clean floors in mechanical rooms and remove debris (boxes, old filters and accumulated garbage)
  • Maintains established department policies, procedures, objectives, and quality assurance.
  • High School Diploma or Equivalent
  • 1-3 years experience
  • Current Stationary Engineers License
  • Knowledge to monitor and diagnose system malfunctions
  • Skills to troubleshoot and perform repairs to malfunctioning equipment
  • Skills needed use test equipment
  • Ability to communicate and document findings through use of log book and work orders

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