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Staffing And Scheduling Coordinator - Hazelwood

Hazelwood, MO
Circle of Care, St. Louis is a nonprofit organization leading the charge of providing whole-person c

Job Description

Staffing And Scheduling Coordinator

Posted: Tuesday, 5/14/2024

Summary of Position:

The Staffing and Scheduling Coordinator plays a pivotal role in ensuring our facility is appropriately staffed to meet the daily needs of our clients. This involves orchestrating the interviewing process, overseeing new employee orientations, managing accurate payroll processes with our business office, and monitoring staff through advanced systems.

Key Responsibilities:

    *Monitor field staff using our Electronic Visit Verification system and manage office staff through Homebase scheduling. *Guarantee adequate daily staffing to meet the needs of residents and adhere to regulatory requirements. *Manage staff absences by arranging suitable replacements to ensure continuous quality care. *Supervise staff attendance and payroll inputs, enforcing adherence to policies and reporting discrepancies to the Chief Executive Officer. *Conduct comprehensive orientation programs for new staff, covering job roles, facility regulations, safety protocols, and the rights of clients. *Execute interviews for positions, such as Personal Care Attendants; verify qualifications and perform reference checks. *Provide support across various departments as required, facilitating effective care and operational efficiency. *Ensure compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations as dictated by the Corporate Compliance Program Manual.
    *Certification as a Nursing Assistant (CNA) is preferred. *Exceptional organizational and communication skills are essential. *Capability to multitask effectively in a dynamic environment.

Circle of Care St. Louis At A Glance

Circle of Care, St. Louis is a nonprofit organization leading the charge of providing whole-person care to older adults and adults with disabilities through home and community-based services. Our mission is to provide unparalleled public health care services while respecting our culturally diverse clientele's unique needs through stewardship, honor-driven values, and a commitment to serve. The clients we serve live in high needs, resource deserts, and health disparities communities. Through our whole-person care model, we educate, equip, and empower each person to make informed decisions for their health and well-being. Thus, this reduces health disparities and helps them remain independent, healthy, and safely living in their homes and communities. We believe that developing a whole-person approach to care contributes to better health and empowers people to build healthier communities.
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