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RSC is a family owned and families run company headquartered in Clinton Township, Michigan with regi

Job Description

Rack Refrigeration Service Technician

Posted: Friday, 10/13/2023

RSC Mechanical, a thriving family-owned and family-run company, was born in the heart of Clinton Township, Michigan, and expanded its reach throughout the country. We pride ourselves on cultivating a vibrant community that passionately champions the growth and well-being of its valued team members.

Position Overview:

Are you a Refrigeration Rack Service Technician with more than just technical prowess? If you are driven, committed to personal growth, dedicated to your craft, and always willing to go the extra mile for clients, we want you on our team. At RSC Mechanical, we value continuous learning and an unwavering commitment to excellence in a challenging environment.

The Responsibility of a Refrigeration Rack Technician includes a series of tasks aimed at preventive maintenance, diagnosing, and resolving issues efficiently to minimize downtime and prevent product loss.

Here are the Key Responsibilities:

  • A Technician's typical workday 8:00am to 6:00pm
  • Work on an Overtime basis as needed.
  • Be able to take emergency weekend calls on a rotational basis.
  • Be able to take emergency weekend calls on rotational basis.
  • Technician must have a high level of customer service to work at retail businesses including Restaurants, Delis, Grocery Store Chains, Convenience Store Chains, Schools, Hotels, Hospitals and Military Bases.
  • Perform the necessary repairs to restore the refrigeration rack and other refrigeration systems to operational status.
  • Performing compressor changes
  • Rack refrigeration repairs and failures
  • The Technician must respond Immediately: Upon receiving notice of a rack failure, the technician should respond promptly, as time is critical in preventing product spoilage.
  • Prioritize safety by ensuring the area around the rack failure is secure. This includes shutting down the power to the rack if necessary.
  • The technician must thoroughly assess the situation to identify the root cause of the failure and determine if the failure effects the entire rack or just specific components.
  • Perform the necessary repairs to restore the rack to operational status.
  • Quality check, your work to ensure that all repairs were carried our correctly and then thoroughly test the refrigeration system to ensure it is functioning properly.
  • Communicate with the relevant parties throughout the process. This may include store managers, supervisors, and your team at RSC.

Communication may include expected downtime, progress, and suggestions about preventive measures in the future.

  • After the rack or refrigeration system has been down for 2 hours, don't hesitate to take the initiative to activate the alarm and notify the store manager to commence product retrieval

in an effort to prevent spoilage.

  • ESR replacements
  • energy management system repairs.
  • HVAC repair and preventative maintenance services.
  • Split condensing unit repairs/replacements.
  • Leak detection and repairs.
  • Self-contained unit maintenance.
  • Ice machines upkeep
  • Heat pump servicing
  • Controls troubleshooting.
  • Expertly troubleshooting and repairing various commercial refrigeration systems.
  • Conducting general maintenance and preventive maintenance tasks.
  • Exhibiting mechanical proficiency and technical aptitude.
  • Approaching challenges with curiosity and an innovative mindset.
  • Demonstrating reliability and consistency in your work.
  • Effective communication with clients, teammates, and management.
  • Upholding a customer-service-oriented mindset.
  • Effectively manage time and resources to control costs, enhance efficiencies, and meet commitments.
  • Operate HVAC/R diagnostic equipment.
  • Weld and braze with an open flame.
  • Handle hazardous chemicals.
  • Utilize necessary portable hand tools.
  • Certified to properly handle refrigerant for systems.

To succeed in this role, you’ll need:

  • A valid Driver’s License.
  • EPA Universal Certification.
  • Basic Knowledge of HVAC and Commercial Refrigeration.
  • The ability to complete necessary paperwork accurately and promptly.
  • Exceptional communication skills for interactions with clients, team members, and management.
  • The capability to thrive under high pressure in high-stress environments.
  • A self-starter mentality, with the capacity to work both independently and part of a dynamic team.
  • An openness to additional responsibilities as they arise.
  • Obtain additional licenses and certifications as appropriate.
  • Correctly complete necessary documents (work tickets and timesheets) in a thorough, accurate and timely manner. Demonstrate ability to complete necessary customer paperwork and invoicing requirements.
  • Proficient in operation of smart phone, tablet, and/or laptop.
  • Technician must be able to walk, climb a 28-foot extension ladder, bend, squat down for a least a short time, jump, and lift at least 50 pounds.
  • Ability to work outdoors in difficult conditions, including adverse weather conditions.
  • Drive a company vehicle safely to customer locations.
  • Maintain and manage truck inventory in an accurate, neat, and orderly manner as well as adhere to vehicle maintenance program guidelines (If applicable).
  • Must be able to work independently, with no supervision.
  • Have excellent writing skills when filling out forms.
  • Strong understanding of what pictures are needed and why for service calls.
  • Include name plates with model and serial numbers.
  • Clear understanding of RSC Mechanical’s Parts Order Form.
  • Demonstrate proper procedure when locating a leak.
  • Paid time off
  • Health insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Life insurance
  • 401(k) matching
  • Referral program

RSC Mechanical At A Glance

RSC is a family owned and families run company headquartered in Clinton Township, Michigan with regional offices located in California the Northeast and Southeast United States. Since our foundation, by Randy S. Chabot in 1988, we have perpetually worked to train, mentor and educate ourselves to be the best managers, mechanics, electricians and administrators in our field. The RSC family is constantly building each other up so we can achieve great things and provide for one another. This company was founded upon methods of operation that ensure our customers can maintain the freshest and highest quality products with the greatest efficiency. Our focus is service and we look forward to you helping us service our customers.
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