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Project Manager II - Traffic Operations and Safety - Naples

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Job Description

Project Manager II - Traffic Operations and Safety

Posted: Friday, 12/15/2023
Job Summary

Coordinates activities of Traffic Operations and/or technical projects for the Transportation Engineering Division.

Essential Functions
  • Conducting traffic safety studies, preparation of traffic related reports, maintenance of a crash database, inspection of minor construction projects, preparation of requests for proposals and executive summaries, manages traffic sign contracts and designs traffic signs. Additional duties include participation in the activities of the Community Traffic Safety Team and assuming its administrative functions.
  • Provides technical advice, information, and assistance concerning engineering issues, project management issues, design/construction activities, and other issues to contractors, consultants, County staff, public agencies, or others; responds to questions or complaints; assists in resolving engineering problems, project development issues, or conflicts involving project participants; recommends solutions to problems.
  • Coordinates public education activities relating to division projects, services, and activities; coordinates neighborhood programs involving participation of residents, such as resident traffic teams; speaks to property owners and community organizations and provides information regarding projects and activities; develops press releases and public information materials for distribution.
  • Provides direction, guidance and assistance to contractors and work crews on routine projects; coordinates daily work activities; organizes, prioritizes, and assigns work; monitors status of work in progress and inspects completed work; confers with contractors and work crews, assists with complex/problem situations, and provides technical expertise.
  • Ensures compliance with all applicable codes, laws, rules, regulations, standards, policies and procedures; ensures adherence to established safety procedures; monitors work environment and use of safety equipment to ensure safety of employees and other individuals; interprets construction plans and specifications; researches code books as needed; initiates any actions necessary to correct deviations or violations.
  • Consults with division management or other officials to review status of routine division projects, review/resolve problems, receive advice/direction, and provide recommendations.
  • Reviews construction plans, designs, and specifications pertaining to routine projects; develops designs, drawings, or maps associated with proposed or approved projects; makes recommendations concerning improvements, modifications, design strategies, structural systems, or other aspects of project development.
  • Prepares and administers project budgets; submits justifications for budget requests; monitors expenditures to ensure compliance with approved budget.
  • Prepares project schedules, monitors progress of project in meeting established schedule.
  • Coordinates process for bidding and contracting of services; prepares Requests For Proposal (RFPs) for engineering services, design services, construction services, inspection services, maintenance services, or other services; prepares bid packages; conducts pre-bid and pre-construction meetings; issues addendums to clarify questionable issues; participates in negotiations of scope of services and fees for professional services agreements; makes recommendations to Boards regarding selection of vendors and awarding of contracts; compiles language for contracts and specifications packages.
  • Coordinates acquisition and/or maintenance of required permitting; researches federal, state, and local code requirements; coordinates efforts between multiple divisions, co-applicants, and consultants to prepare application documents; develops programs and reports as required by permit.
  • Oversees, administers, and coordinates work performed by consultants, contractors, or other service providers; administers annual maintenance contracts; monitors work to ensure compliance with terms of contract; reviews invoices and payment requests submitted by consultants/contractors.
  • Performs technical work in supporting business applications including planning, design, analysis, implementation, integration, and management of technical systems for a department/division.
  • Recommends information technology strategies, policies, and procedures by evaluating departmental/divisional outcomes; identifying problems; evaluating trends; anticipating requirements. Understands current and future technological goals and ongoing IT issues to ensure project success.
  • Manages projects during design and construction phases; attends regular project progress meetings; prepares, reviews, and processes change orders for changes to contracted scope of work; processes purchase order requisitions, work orders, and invoices; reviews project progress reports submitted by contractors; monitors adherence to project schedules.
  • Conducts inspections, monitors work, and maintains records to ensure quality control; inspects quality of construction work and materials; coordinates final inspections with contractors and engineers; coordinates project acceptance with other County divisions or government agencies.
  • Prepares executive summaries for presentation to Board of County Commissioners, Planning Commission, or other officials.
  • Coordinates projects and work activities with other divisions, consultants, contractors, sub-contractors, utility companies, state agencies, outside agencies, or others as needed; coordinates with utility engineering staff to identify location of existing utilities and conduct other utility work.
  • Participates in legal activities relating to projects; attends hearings during court proceedings and provides depositions; meets with County Attorneys to discuss cases.
  • Prepares/submits requests for review/changes to ordinances or resolutions.
  • Performs general/clerical tasks, which may include answering telephone calls, making copies, sending/receiving faxes, filing documentation, or processing incoming/outgoing mail.
  • Performs other related duties as required.
Minimum Qualifications
  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Construction Management, or a related field required.
  • Three (3) years of related experience that includes project management, construction supervision, contract administration, or experience in Traffic Operations or Transportation.
  • Candidates without a degree should possess four (4) additional years of related experience.
  • Fingerprinting Required.
  • Requires possession and maintenance of a valid Florida Driver’s License with any applicable endorsement(s) to drive a County vehicle as provided in CMA 5805.
Supplemental information

  • Salary offers above the minimum pay grade may be considered based on qualifications.
  • Essential Employees may be required to work during an undeclared or declared emergency. The County’s Administrative Office will determine who will be required to work on an incident-by-incident basis.
  • This job posting is not intended to be an all-inclusive list of responsibilities, skills, or working conditions associated with the position.

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