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Operating Engineer (Building Engineer III) - Denver County

Denver County, CO

Job Description

Operating Engineer (Building Engineer III)

Posted: Saturday, 8/5/2023
Department Information

Office of the State Court Administrator
Financial Services Division

At the Colorado Judicial Department, our mission is to provide a fair and impartial system of justice that:
  • Protects constitutional and statutory rights and liberties
  • Assures equal access
  • Provides fair, timely, and constructive resolution of cases
  • Enhances public safety
  • Supervises offenders
  • Facilitates victim and community reparation

Description of Job
  • Maintains and operates automated and mechanical environmental control systems, which includes monitoring and programming master controls and local controls, calibrating and coordinating sequencing of controls, overseeing and monitoring power supply systems, troubleshooting and diagnosing systems errors, and making corrections in order to maintain building and facility temperatures and environmental conditions.
  • Maintains, operates, and repairs building and facility equipment related to environmental control systems, which includes electrical and mechanical components, DDC and pneumatic components, plumbing and sewage systems, heating and air conditioning systems, ventilation and air handling systems, cold and hot water systems, lighting controls, electrical and fuel operated generators, which includes fire protection, security systems and detection systems.
  • Performs routine preventative maintenance based on operating procedures and regularly scheduled maintenance activities of equipment. Regularly inspects facilities, buildings, and grounds for unsafe or malfunctioning systems and conditions.
  • Assists other trades personnel in the maintenance and repair of building and facility infrastructure and equipment, which includes the installation and modification of equipment.
  • Plans and coordinates the maintenance and installation of major building and facility equipment repairs and related activities within a variety of specific trades areas, which includes the evaluation and recommendation of service upgrades.
  • Responds to building and facility tenant complaints of safety issues and environmental control conditions.
  • Follows up on work orders, and prioritizes service calls.
  • Assists in coordinating maintenance efforts with outside contractors and technicians for contracted service agreements.
  • Provides input to supervisors and managers responsible for planning and controlling annual budgets.
  • Orders parts and supplies as required and maintains stock and inventory control.
  • Troubleshoots, diagnoses, analyzes, and identifies system malfunctions to determine the source and cause of the problems and make recommendations for solvency.
  • Operates and maintains tools and equipment common to various skilled trades.
  • Maintains records and prepares reports, which includes estimating materials, labor, and equipment costs.
  • By position, has overall competency with computers and associated business applications.
  • Adheres to and observes all common safety practices, operating procedures, codes and regulations.
  • Attends meetings and training as required.
  • May participate in snow removal duties as assigned.
  • May be required to be on-call to address emergent needs.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

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