Manufacturing Maintenance Technician 2nd Shift - San Leandro

San Leandro, CA

Job Description

Manufacturing Maintenance Technician 2nd Shift

Posted: Tuesday, 10/17/2023
Are you that special person who is passionate about machines and how they work? Does the opportunity to work on complex maintenance mysteries or help to maintain our multiple manufacturing lines excite you?
Our Manufacturing Maintenance Technician role is a fundamental member of the manufacturing organization, collaborating with operations, quality, and food safety teams. You balance your time between day-to-day needs and long-term preventative maintenance activities and help us to provide all the delicious Torani products our customers crave!
Utilizing your industrial maintenance knowledge, you are an integral part of advancing our manufacturing operations to the next level. If you’re passionate about what you could accomplish here, we’d love to hear from you.
SUCCESS FACTORS (12- 18 months):

Maintenance Bench strength: Coming to Torani with a "tool-belt" of industrial maintenance skills and experience, you support our ability to maintain motors, vision systems, filling & packaging equipment, and more! You help navigate mechanical challenges, and work with the maintenance team, manufacturing, and quality assurance to identify the root cause of issues and implement the right solutions.

Production Line Support: Machinery acting up? No problem! You will have helped create a scalable system for ordering and maintaining the right stock of supplies for maintenance activities. With a good pulse on the needs of production, you will have effectively prioritized and completed work orders for manufacturing, quality assurance, and special projects. Line calls are answered with a high level of urgency, and equipment issues have been thoroughly & accurately resolved to support our production needs—our machines consistently purr with happiness!

Autonomous Maintenance: Vital to our growth, you are helping us develop a true autonomous maintenance culture. You continually strengthen our manufacturing team members’ skills by demonstrating light maintenance activities, including completing basic preventative maintenance and regular inspection & monitoring. Additionally, you will have learned how to operate each piece of our production equipment and when help is needed, you jump right in! As you and the maintenance team build light maintenance activities into the day-to-day habits of our manufacturing team members, you will have strengthened our preventative maintenance practices•
Continuous Improvement: Status quo, heck no! You support strategic preventative maintenance activities for each piece of equipment on your assigned line is a conscious priority, but never at the expense of daily production needs. Production lines are running well and important metrics such preventative maintenance completion %, open work order status, % on time preventative maintenance, line up time, etc. are meeting sustained line efficiency objectives. Through your day to day work you actively using continuous improvement principles (AM, 5S, RCAs) to move the business forward.

Safety: As a role model for safety, lock out tag out, machine guarding, and other safety procedures are always followed, and you assist in training new manufacturing team members on these processes. You also maintain safe work place practices in chemical safety, confined space, hot work, electrical and more! Potential hazards are clearly identified and communicated to maintenance, manufacturing, quality assurance, and sanitation teams.

Have FUN!
Minimum Requirements:
  • Previous Industrial maintenance experience (filling & packaging equipment experience a plus)
  • At least 2 years’ experience in a food manufacturing environment
  • Willing to work overtime and on weekends as needed
  • Ability to lift 50 pounds

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