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Maintenance Technician (MT) - Redmond

Redmond, WA

Job Description

Maintenance Technician (MT)

Posted: Saturday, 10/14/2023

Job Responsibilities:

Maintenance Techs (MT) will have a primary focus on keeping the property operational. They perform work involving the skills needed to maintain and repair equipment and the structure of the hotel.

Duties may involve carpentry; plumbing, repairing electrical or mechanical equipment; installing, and repair of kitchen appliances, and PTACs, and repairing interior and exterior walls, siding, roof, landscape, concrete, and interior carpet, floors, or stairs. Depending on business needs, MT may be asked to prep rooms, and assist with cleaning duties as well. Ideally, this person is personally committed to assure all known issues are repaired at the end of each shift of work.

Specific Duties include:

  • Interior and exterior painting, repairing damaged walls and drywall, replacing windows, hanging cabinets, repairing kitchen counters, installing carpet, baseboard, and vinyl tiles

  • Removes damaged appliances and installs replacement microwaves, sinks, refrigerators, and stovetops. ?

  • Performs general carpenter-related tasks as well as landscaping and parking lot repairs

  • Assists with completion of the preventative maintenance checklist and completes minor repair work orders such as replacing ceiling tiles, light bulbs, lighting fixtures, etc. to maintain the hotel and keep product quality to standard

  • Inspect drives, motors, and belts, check fluid levels, replace filters, or perform other maintenance actions, following checklists.

  • PTAC repair/replacement, water heater? repair or replacement, commercial washer/dryer repair

  • Assists in checking electrical systems such as PTAC, light switches, electrical panels, television sets, and lighting systems, and makes minor repairs and/or replacements.

  • Assists in checking and making minor repairs on general plumbing systems and fixtures such as pipe lines, toilets, sinks, and kitchen and laundry equipment.

  • Other duties as assigned.

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