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Maintenance Repairer 2 - New Orleans

New Orleans, LA
There is a rich diversity of peoples in Louisiana. They include the original Indian inhabitants, plu

Job Description

Maintenance Repairer 2

Posted: Thursday, 8/31/2023
Supplemental Information

The Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East (SLFPA-E) operates the regional flood control system and associated facilities in St. Bernard Parish, the east-bank of Orleans Parish, and the east-bank of Jefferson Parish within its control in order to protect lives and property from tidal flooding by natural weather events.
No Civil Service test score is required in order to be considered for this vacancy.

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For further information about this vacancy contact:
Shannon West
Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East
(504) 858-8448


Two years of experience in the building construction trades, building maintenance, maintenance or repair of mechanical equipment, or as a parks building and grounds attendant.
Training in the building construction trades, building maintenance, maintenance or repair of mechanical equipment, or parks building and grounds work will substitute for the required experience. Training will be credited in six month increments.
Custodial building maintenance is not qualifying.
Examples of building construction trades include cabinetmaker, carpenter, concrete finisher, electrician, HVAC controls technician, HVAC mechanic, ironworker, millwright, painter, pipefitter, plasterer, plumber, refrigeration mechanic, roofer, sheet metal worker, steamfitter, tile setter and welder.
Examples of building maintenance include Maintenance Repairer 1/2, B/G/E Maintenance Repairer 1/2 and Maintenance Repair Foreman.

Examples of repair/maintenance of mechanical equipment include Operating Engineer 1/2, auto mechanic, Mobile Equipment Maintenance Mechanic, Mobile Equipment Overhaul Mechanic and Mobile Equipment Master Mechanic.

Job Concepts

Function of Work:
To repair and maintain buildings, facilities, navigational locks, equipment, and appliances or to perform general maintenance functions on marine vessels and other related facilities.

Level of Work:

Supervision Received:
General from higher-level agency personnel.

Supervision Exercised:

Location of Work:
All state agencies.

Job Distinctions:
Differs from Maintenance Repairer 1 because of the expanded scope of journeyman repair work which includes installation of plumbing and electrical fixtures, equipment repairs, and repairs to marine vessels.

Differs from other maintenance jobs by the broad spectrum of trades functions and by the absence of specialized tasks.

Examples of Work

The Maintenance Repairer 2 performs experienced level responsibilities in the Complex Structures division of the of the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority - East. The incumbent will report directly to the Maintenance Foreman – Orleans Levee District (OLD) or could also be temporarily assigned to the Asst. Facility Maintenance Manager – Lake Borgne Levee District (LBBLD).
The incumbent ensures operational ability of each marine floodgate and complex structure. Inspections and maintenance of these complex structures is performed on a weekly basis and includes, but is not limited to, the following:

70% Operations and Maintenance

  • Ensure locking devices are properly lubricated, greased, and functional.
  • Ensure all painted surfaces are free of rust by removing rust, priming, and painting. Insure gate structures, controls, and operating equipment are all in working condition. Insure operational ability of valves, pumps, and motors.
  • Ensure that all components necessary for the operational and functional ability of the complex structures are in good working condition.
  • Maintain and make minor repairs to mechanical and/or electrical equipment on all navigational flood gates, structures and movable bridges. Maintain generators, pumps, hydraulics and gears used to operate the floodgates and perform minor repairs as required. Inspect and operate floodgates, generators and bridges and check for operational deficiencies. Perform minor maintenance on all equipment assigned for their usage.
  • Operate small marine craft for carrying out maintenance and inspections.
  • Participate in the painting, plumbing, carpentry, masonry repairs and electrical work to SLFPA-E’s buildings and equipment. Requisition supplies and materials as needed.
20% Education and Training
  • May coordinate work assignments and training for other staff, i.e., Maintenance Repairer l’s, other Maintenance Repairer 2’s, Trades Apprentices, and Laborers assigned to the Navigational Flood Gate Division.
10% Other Duties
  • Position is required to perform other duties as necessary to help with needs of the SLFPA-E by working with other departments of the Field Office.
  • Participate in the daily housekeeping of the facilities, including sweeping, pressure washing, and collection and removal of accumulated trash and storm debris
  • Perform other duties or assignments as directed by supervisor or higher-ranking personnel, and may be outside of the position’s normal department.
Note: Incumbent is required to perform other duties as necessary, including but not limited to, emergency/disaster support activities by being on 24-hour call. Incumbent is required to report to work and remain there in case of emergency (hurricanes, storms, or other conditions, which could lead to flooding) until such emergency has subsided and employees are released through orders of the Regional Director. Place and remove stop logs during high water emergencies. Make, place and remove sand bags whenever needed. Place and remove barricades and traffic cones.

State of Louisiana At A Glance

There is a rich diversity of peoples in Louisiana. They include the original Indian inhabitants, plus the descendants of a variety of settlers, among whom were the French, Spanish, English, German, Acadians, West Indians, Africans, Irish and Italians and now include almost every nationality on earth.
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