North Shore Water Reclamation District

Instrument Repairer - Gurnee

Gurnee, IL

Job Description

Instrument Repairer

Posted: Saturday, 8/5/2023


The North Shore Water Reclamation District (NSWRD) is a municipal body which
was organized in 1914 under the North Shore Sanitary District Act of 1911. The
District is dedicated to the beneficial reuse of our water resources while
protecting Lake Michigan, local waterways, and our environment through
sustainable and fiscally responsible wastewater reclamation practices at our
state-of-the-art treatment facilities. The District Administrative Offices are located
in Gurnee, Illinois with water reclamation facilities in Gurnee, Highland Park and

We are hiring an electrician to join our electrical maintenance team. Are
you looking for a stable position with great benefits?

Five years minimum in the electrical/electronic field.

Job Purpose Statement: Perform duties to maintain, repair and install a variety of
electrical and electronic processing equipment instruments and controls, communications
equipment and data transmission, security, lighting and HVAC systems.

Reporting Structure: Supervisor, Electrical Maintenance

Information/Directions from: Written and verbal instructions, work orders, schematics,
prints, technical manuals, and wiring diagrams.

Job Functions:
1. Complete scheduled preventive and corrective work orders and check with the

Plant Supervisor and the Electrical Supervisor to prioritize the daily work.
2. Maintain and repair all installed electrical/electronic equipment including motors,

controllers, generators, variable frequency drives, processing equipment, metering,
monitoring and controlling devices, HVAC, lighting, security, communications
systems, and external PLC circuitry.

3. Maintain, repair and/or install hydraulic and pneumatic control systems.
4. Troubleshoot, analyze, test equipment to diagnose the nature of the equipment

malfunction. Perform necessary repairs, test and restore to operation.
5. Perform preventive maintenance, including checking fluid levels, drive belts and

brushes. Test equipment for proper operation, cleaning slip rings and Eddy
Current couplings and do thermal testing of contacts, bus bars and other electrical

6. Install new equipment, conduit, wiring and connection boxes. Determine the parts
required for proper installation and obtain them. Make electrical connections and
test for proper operation.

7. Operate electrical power distribution system, including the emergency generators

and 4160-volt switchgear. Parallel the 4160-volt generators with supplied power to
test generator operation.

8. Modify and rewire installed electrical systems in accordance with engineering work
orders and documents. Update existing drawings as required.

9. Design and build special test fixtures as needed.
10. Respond to emergency calls on a 24-hour basis. Maintain contact with the plants

via radio/pager during off-hours. No standby or scheduled call-in is required.

Types of Machines, Tools, Equipment (Office and Industrial), Software used:
Variety of electrical and electronic test equipment, pipe bending and threading tools, hand
power tools and hand tools, and related stationary power tools.

Physical and Visual Activities:
Physical and visual activities that are commonly associated with the performance of the
functions of this job.

Standing, Walking, Sitting, Lifting, Carrying, Pushing, Pulling, Climbing, Balancing,
Stooping, Kneeling, Crouching, Crawling, Reaching, Handling, Fingering, Feeling, Talking,
Hearing, Acuity far, Acuity near, Depth Perception, Field of Vision, Accommodation, Color

Physical Demands:
Physical demands commonly associated with the performance of the functions of this job.

Lift up to 1 lb up to 15% of the time, Over 1 lb up to 5 lbs over 70% of the time, Over 5 lbs
up to 25 lbs over 40% up to 70% of the time, Over 25 lbs up to 60 lbs over 15% up to 40%
of the time, Over 60 lbs up to 15% of the time.

Environmental/Atmospheric Conditions:
Environmental and atmospheric conditions commonly associated with the performance of
the functions of this job.

Inside, Outside, Both, Extremes of cold, Cold temperature changes, Extremes of hot, Hot
temperature changes, Wet, Humid, Noise, Vibration, Hazards, Fumes, Odors, Toxic
conditions, Dust, Poor ventilation.

Knowledge: Use of electrical and electronic test equipment, i.e. (DMM's, oscilloscopes,
signal generators), use of pipe bending equipment, (hand, mechanical, hydraulic) threading
tools (hand, mechanical, electric), hand fish tapes and powered cable pullers, use of all
related hand and power tools (drills, drill press, lathe, mill, belt and wheel grinders, air tools,
bending brakes and shears). High school diploma plus post high school education in
electricity and electronics.

Examples of Desired Knowledge: Familiarity with 5000-volt power distribution
equipment, including proper splicing and termination procedures of shielded and
unshielded high voltage cable. Knowledge of special safety considerations and techniques
required when working at these voltage levels. Good working knowledge of hydraulic and
pneumatic control systems and related electrical interfaces. Ability to analyze and interpret
electrical ladder diagrams and electronic schematics to aid in trouble shooting, equipment
installation and to determine if electrical operation is proper. A working knowledge of
Programmable Logic Controllers (P.L.C.'s) and how to interface them with external
electrical apparatus. Knowledge of plant operations and how their actions affect the overall
operation of the process. Knowledge of standby electrical power equipment and how to
safely and properly interface them with our power distribution systems.

Experience: Five years minimum in the electrical/electronic field.

Machines, Tools, Equipment (Office and Industrial), Software: Hand tools, powered
hand tools, electrical/electronic test equipment, bench lathe, mill, break, shears, bolt and
wheel grinders, drill press, air tools, personal computer.

Licenses/Certifications: Driver’s License.


Several years of technical training beyond high school is strongly desired. (e.g. CLC,
DeVry, Gateway Tech., M.A.T.C., etc.) Such training does not substitute for experience.

A GED serves as high school graduation equivalency if all other qualifications are present.

If you are interested and qualified for this position, please send a resume to
[email protected].

The North Shore Water Reclamation District is an Equal Opport

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