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Job Description

Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Technician - EXAM

Posted: Friday, 2/9/2024


Under general supervision, is responsible for maintaining and repairing heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems; performs related tasks as required.

Examples of Work

(Any one position may not include all of the duties listed, nor do the examples cover all of the duties that may be performed.)
  • Inspects, maintains, and repairs heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems;
  • Uses specialized HVAC control software and sophisticated diagnostic instruments such as electronic leak detectors, ammeters, multi-meters, refrigerant recovery machines, etc. in order to program, troubleshoot, and diagnose malfunctions in heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems;
  • Adjusts and repairs heating, air conditioning, and ventilation system components such as compressors, motors, and air cooling coils;
  • Adjusts various operating controls such as pneumatic, electric, and electronic controls in order to ensure heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems are keeping temperatures at specified levels;
  • Soldering or brazing copper tubing in order to connect components of refrigeration systems;
  • Performs electrical wiring as needed to connect components of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems;
  • Operates lathe, drill press, and other machine shop equipment in order to make tools and parts as needed to repair heating, air conditioning, and ventilation system components;
  • Recommends when equipment is ready for replacement and which manufacturer to use;
  • Reviews drawings of work to be done and gives input if necessary;
  • Inspects contractors’ work to ensure it is completed properly;
  • Writes reports and utilizes computer software to complete work orders and time sheets.

Minimum Qualifications

Three (3) years of experience servicing, maintaining, and/or repairing heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems. Substitution(s): Possession of a certificate of completion from an accredited heating, air conditioning, and ventilation program may be substituted for two (2) years of the required experience.

Possession of a valid Universal Environmental Protection Agency Refrigerant Recovery Certificate.

Possession of a valid motor vehicle operator's license.

Test/Job Contact Information

The names of the applicants passing this administration of this exam will be used to create a NEW, OPEN COMPETITIVE, eligible list, and will replace the names on the current list. If you are interested in having your name included on the new eligible list, you will need to apply for this exam within the filing period and successfully complete all phases of the testing process. Questions regarding this process can be directed to the Test Center at 614-645-7439.

The examination process will consist of a 100% computerized examination covering HVAC Principles, Electricity, Electrical and Occupational Safety, Tools and Instruments, Problem Sensitivity, and Outlook 2016.

The exam is expected to be administered in March. Approved applicants will be notified by mail/email of their scheduled test date and time.

All applicants must complete all phases of the testing process in order to receive a final score. The names of all candidates who pass this examination will remain on the eligible list for two years, unless the eligible list is replaced prior to or extended beyond the two years. If a candidate's name is certified and the candidate is to be considered for employment, the hiring process will include one or more interviews, a criminal background check, and a pre-employment drug test.

The certification process will be: Fixed Band
The City of Columbus is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Applicants may inspect and acquire a copy of the City of Columbus, Department of Public Utilities EEO Plan by visiting the DPU website at

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