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HVAC Systems Specialist - Columbus

Columbus, OH
The Ohio State University, one of the biggest and most comprehensive universities in the country, cr

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HVAC Systems Specialist

Posted: Saturday, 8/5/2023
This position installs, maintains, and troubleshoots controls circuitry and mechanical peripheral equipment related to air handling, fan coil, variable air volume, and valance units using the Building Automation System and other available tools. The HVAC Systems Analyst is responsible for repair and replacement of fan motors, hydronic and pneumatic valves, dampers, electronic and pneumatic valve and damper actuators, and temperature and occupancy sensors; repair and replacement of split system, variable refrigerant flow (VRF), and packaged terminal AC (PTAC) air conditioning systems; as well as replacement, programming, and commissioning of standalone controllers and thermostat. This position will be expected to perform preventative maintenance inventory assessment and perform preventative maintenance measures, configure alarms, calibrate sensors and actuators, adjust control parameters, and assist in project management and identification and implementation and documentation of system strategies and procedures. Will develop and implement comprehensive Planned Maintenance program for each type of equipment/system, to include delivery via the CMMS system and oversee quality assurance of work completed. Oversees customer service and follow up customer satisfaction for work provided by team. Maintains asset management of equipment via CMMS and monitors CMMS data to help determine areas of concern or where efforts should be focused. Develops, trains, and delivers procedures for entering customer occupied spaces, interaction and follow up with customers. Trains and mentors full time and student staff on diagnosis, repairs, and maintenance of equipment and controls. Required: Bachelors degree or equivalent combination of education and 2 year experience in facilities automation application engineering required Desired: 18 months or 1,800 hours training in mechanical, pneumatic, and HVAC technology and 12 months or 1,200 hours training in programming and electrical circuitry or at least 18 months as a DDC Systems Specialist 2; considerable knowledge of computers, digital controls, electronic and safety practices, HVAC and pneumatic technology, and reading blueprints; skill in operating shop equipment, power tools, pneumatic controls; ability to work independently on many tasks, cooperate with other personnel on group projects; routinely lift moderate to heavy (20 to 100 lb.) equipment; ability to calculate fractions, decimals, and percentages and read and write common vocabulary.



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The Ohio State University, one of the biggest and most comprehensive universities in the country, creates experiences that bring together expertise, ideas and resources to improve communities locally and globally. Ohio State is regularly honored as one of the nation’s top 20 public universities. With campuses and research centers throughout the state, the institution’s unrivaled depth and breadth advance innovation, health care and research within Ohio’s communities. For more than 150 years, Ohio State has inspired the next generation of leaders, discovering groundbreaking medical breakthroughs and finding solutions to the problems the world is facing now. Ohio State also has a top-rated academic medical center and a premier cancer hospital and research center. Ohio State offers more than 200 majors and programs — plus 500 specializations — for undergraduates, in addition to more than 230 master’s, doctoral and professional degree programs and an estimated 12,000 course offerings.
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