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Furniture Assembler - Sacramento - Sacramento

Sacramento, CA

Job Description

Furniture Assembler - Sacramento

Posted: Saturday, 8/12/2023


Job Summary

  • Check, clean, repair and price furniture and other large items.

Primary Duties Include:

  • Checking, cleaning, and repairing furniture and other large items
  • Accurately pricing items with proper descriptions on signage
  • Posting every item handled on CL with all proper pricing, clear pictures and information, with the exception of items shipped to our other stores
  • Keeping primary work area clean and safe
  • Disposing of all garbage produced in dumpster
  • Working effectively with all other staff members
  • Secondary Duties (when specifically required)
  • Loading and unloading of trucks
  • Making sure every pallet is accurately tagged with correct date and origin
  • Pallets are staged in warehouse for processing with the goal of all pallets together so none are processed incorrectly
  • Operator is responsible to communicate with and deliver stock to the store safely and effectively
  • Operator is to communicate with supervisor when needing to pull inventory for stores
  • Operator is to communicate regularly to supervisor when each task is done
  • General duties/clean up
  • Operator is responsible to maintain the store back stock supply, this requires communication with and between store staff and supervisor
  • Operator is responsible for general yard and warehouse cleanliness, this includes sweeping and clean up, garbage dumping and making sure the yard is empty and all inventory and pallets are inside by the end of the shift
  • Having the yard cleaned up by end of day requires communication with supervisor, making sure time is given to complete task
  • Any job assignment given by supervisor. This will include duties such as expediting, special projects and helping other staff fulfill their duties
  • All the above duties are to be executed with safety in mind
  • Minimum Education: High school graduate or equivalent preferred but not required

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