GR Birdwell Construction

Formwork Carpenter - Houston

Houston, TX

Job Description

Formwork Carpenter

Posted: Saturday, 8/5/2023

Company Overview

Industrial Civil Construction Contractor specializing in structural concrete and sitework/earthwork looking for Multicraft Personnel - Carpenters, Rodbusters & Concrete Finishers.

Job Summary

Under the supervision of a superintendent or foreman, the carpenter's duties will include constructing, erecting, stripping, and/or repairing structures of steel, wood or plywood using carpenter's hand and power tools conforming to construction documents.

Responsibilities and Duties

Participates in the execution and completion of Carpenter work, including the following duties:

  • Install footing forms:
    • Places wall footings, grade beams and footing steps.
    • Installs column footings and caps.
    • Installs rebar templates, embeds and anchor bolts.
    • Installs water stop systems with proper alignment.
  • Builds and installs wall and column forms:
    • Installs various types of wall form systems.
    • Braces, stabilizes and aligns wall forms.
    • Installs, anchors, and embeds miscellaneous metals in correct locations.
    • Frames ledges, openings, block-outs and sleeves in correct locations.
    • Strips vertical formwork.
  • Builds and installs Structural Deck Forms:
    • Installs various elements of the structural deck systems including but not limited to beam bottoms, beam sides, pans, and life-line systems.
    • Installs and removes post shoring, reshoring systems, and scaffolding.
    • Frames ledges, construction joints, openings, block-outs and sleeves in correct location.
    • Sets handrails.
    • Strips horizontal formwork.
    • Sets grades for horizontal decking systems
    • Properly rigs loads and materials to be moved by hoisting equipment
  • Sets Slab-on-grade forms:
    • Sets keyways
    • Accurately sets, positions and stabilizes expansion joints
    • Sets high tolerance edge forms
    • Provides layout for control and construction joints
    • Dismantles floor forms
  • Preps and sets tilt-up/precast forms
    • Sets high tolerance edge forms, chambers, and reveal strips.
    • Preps forms for casting (i.e. filling joint and sanding)
  • Works with Building Layout
    • Establishes grades and elevations
    • Works with control lines and offsets
  • Must be willing to work in all kinds of weather and working conditions. Must be willing to assume the physical risks of working in an outdoor environment which includes but is not limited to traffic, construction equipment, extreme heat and/or cold and wildlife.
  • Must have ability to exert physical effort, handling average weight objects up to 50 pounds.
  • Be able to pass hair follicle drug screen and background check.
  • GR Birdwell Construction offers:
    • health care for employee and family and after one year of employment, company pays employee portion of health care cost
    • retirement savings plans and
    • opportunities for craft development

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