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Field Supervisor Technician (Power Transformers) -

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Job Description

Field Supervisor Technician (Power Transformers)

Posted: Wednesday, 10/4/2023

Job Description

The job duties will include leading our team in the assembly, vacuum oil fill, testing, and maintenance of transformers. The primary work setting is outdoors and will be accomplished during all climatic conditions. Tasks may require moderate to heavy amounts of physical effort and an understanding that electrical safety hazards may exist.


  • Perform hands-on assembly, repairs, and maintenance to transformers and our service equipment. This includes mechanical and electrical connections on or inside the transformer.
  • Must be proficient in completing all mechanical and electrical connections, operation of the oil processor, and completing our full battery of transformer tests, including controls.
  • Lead crews in maintenance services such as gasket & bushing replacements, retro oil fills, LTC inspections/repairs, relocations, template testing, weld repairs, & similar maintenance projects.
  • Interface with the customer contacts throughout the project. Provide leadership throughout the project to support the team so that all tasks are completed safely, timely, and with the upmost quality.
  • Assist in training our other technicians on the task procedures, hazards, and general best practices standards. Assist the sales team when needed for quote purposes.
  • Complete and submit all supporting documentation from the project accurately and timely.
  • Must have a minimum 10 years of experience servicing transformers in the field and a minimum 5 year experience leading transformer service crews.
  • Must be computer literate and continually display professionalism.
  • Must be willing travel away from home, driving or flying.
  • Must have a positive attitude, strong work ethic, and the desire to learn new skills.
  • LTC Knowledge: Employee is experienced with diagnosing and maintaining load tap changers of many make/model, can perform LTC reworks such as board replacements, servicing contacts, and compartment inspections.
  • Expert Testing: Employee is fully capable of troubleshooting DSFS standard/non-standard test issues, has a thorough understanding of how a transformer is built, can understand and derive information from electrical/mechanical/control drawings (nameplates/transformer vector/control scheme etc.), and is able to complete all field testing of a transformer including the control cabinet.
  • Testing Capability: Can perform tests based on a specification or work scope, knowledge of test equipment – variants – leads – equipment controls – data collection – and safety, knowledge of test orientation – lead configuration based on transformer vector or drawings – inputs to the devices, and knowledge of what test can be performed in which order and under certain conditions – weather – temperature – oil present etc.
  • Testing Autonomy: can perform the testing capability criteria, and can handle unforeseen/foreign testing situations
  • Required to pass drug and alcohol testing
  • Criminal Record Check
  • Company phone (or phone allowance)
  • Daily meal allowance
  • Paid travel expenses and travel time

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