Millenium Restoration

Experienced Residential Carpenter - St. Louis

St. Louis, Missouri

Job Description

Experienced Residential Carpenter

Posted: Wednesday, 4/5/2023

We are dedicated to preserving the history and architecture of old city residences, while also constructing new homes that replicate the grandeur and beauty of the past. If this sounds appealing to you - join our team!

Starting wage between $30 and $40 per hour, depending on your experience. We offer great benefits and company furnished tools as well!

We are hiring for several open Journeyman Carpenter roles. We have a long list of diverse and exciting projects for you to work on, and are a small family owned business with tons of growth opportunity for your career!

  • 15+ years of residential carpentry experience
    • Specifically, looking for a candidate experienced in Structural Carpentry, Framing, Roof Framing, Stairs, Windows, and Doors
  • Valid Driver's License & Clean Driving Record
  • Comfortable with a pre-employment background check
  • Live within 25 miles of the St. Louis Metro Area
  • Company furnished tools
  • Paid Holidays
  • Profit Sharing

Millenium Restoration At A Glance

[{"_id":"b15ed831-9361-d385-2848-1b8e21e8c429","type":"Paragraph","tag":"p","classes":[],"children":["ea96bf83-743c-8ab1-c50d-de76ddb04b2b"],"data":{"displayName":"","attr":{"id":""},"xattr":[],"search":{"exclude":false},"visibility":{"conditions":[]},"devlink":{"runtimeProps":{},"slot":""}}},{"_id":"ea96bf83-743c-8ab1-c50d-de76ddb04b2b","text":true,"v":"Millennium Restoration & Development Corporation is a company that is dedicated to preserving the history and architecture of old city residences, while also constructing new homes that replicate the grandeur and beauty of the past. The company is committed to redeveloping neighborhoods by understanding the objectives of each vicinity and working closely with residents, Alderpersons, other developers, and local agencies to maintain a strong sense of community and the overall success of the projects."},{"_id":"3ba843d7-7acf-6ce2-0dbd-9c22bf2903cc","type":"Paragraph","tag":"p","classes":[],"children":["4e25fa33-7235-792e-41ea-bd0c4e3e95ae"],"data":{"displayName":"","attr":{"id":""},"xattr":[],"search":{"exclude":false},"visibility":{"conditions":[]},"devlink":{"runtimeProps":{},"slot":""}}},{"_id":"4e25fa33-7235-792e-41ea-bd0c4e3e95ae","text":true,"v":"At Millennium, quality and attention to detail are always the top priority, and this is reflected in the numerous awards the company has received for its exceptional work. Millennium has completed over 40 restoration and new construction projects, and has received 20 Homer awards from the Home Builder's Association of St. Louis, 3 Most Enhanced awards from Landmarks Association, and 6 Golden Brick awards from DeSales Community Housing Corp, among many others."},{"_id":"70997bfa-0c7a-b186-6f1e-66eed3019afb","type":"Paragraph","tag":"p","classes":[],"children":["86d17ea9-145c-dfed-51ae-87df638928b7"],"data":{"displayName":"","attr":{"id":""},"xattr":[],"search":{"exclude":false},"visibility":{"conditions":[]},"devlink":{"runtimeProps":{},"slot":""}}},{"_id":"86d17ea9-145c-dfed-51ae-87df638928b7","text":true,"v":"As a leader in Urban Development, Millennium has been recognized for its commitment to preserving St. Louis' architectural heritage and encouraging good contemporary design. The company has redirected its focus from development to custom remodeling and custom general contracting work, and is grateful to all of its customers who continue to support the company by giving them the distinguished honor of assisting with their home remodeling, restoration, and repair needs."},{"_id":"022a2ccf-c3c3-9b35-8e39-fab544a53d57","type":"Paragraph","tag":"p","classes":[],"children":["ef138d6b-8a6b-0737-ea26-8d992249cb6d"],"data":{"displayName":"","attr":{"id":""},"xattr":[],"search":{"exclude":false},"visibility":{"conditions":[]},"devlink":{"runtimeProps":{},"slot":""}}},{"_id":"ef138d6b-8a6b-0737-ea26-8d992249cb6d","text":true,"v":"If you are a skilled professional who is passionate about preserving history and architecture, Millennium Restoration & Development Corporation is the perfect place for you. Join a team that is dedicated to excellence, attention to detail, and making a difference in the community. The company offers competitive salaries, comprehensive benefits packages, and a supportive work environment that fosters growth and success."},{"_id":"46158bb4-3d95-9d4b-06dc-5a1e581aadee","type":"Paragraph","tag":"p","classes":[],"children":["c21b0960-1052-9990-7f27-77753ffcd3c0"]},{"_id":"c21b0960-1052-9990-7f27-77753ffcd3c0","text":true,"v":"‍"}]
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