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Electrician Specialist) Marine Electrician - Plaquemine

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There is a rich diversity of peoples in Louisiana. They include the original Indian inhabitants, plu

Job Description

Electrician Specialist) Marine Electrician

Posted: Sunday, 10/22/2023
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Phone Number: 225-659-2613


Three years of experience in the electrical trade.

Training in the electrical trade will substitute for a maximum of two years of the required experience on a month for month basis.

Job Concepts

Function of Work:
To perform technical and highly skilled electrical maintenance, repairs and installations on utility plant electrical systems, high voltage transmission systems, traffic signals, electrically operated bridge systems and marine electrical systems in accordance with the National Electrical Code.

Level of Work:

Supervision Received:
General from an Electrician Specialist Leader, Electrician Specialist Foreman or other maintenance supervisory personnel.

Supervision Exercised:
Functional over Electricians and may exercise functional over Trades Helpers.

Location of Work:
May be used by all State agencies.

Job Distinctions:
Differs from Electrician Specialist Foreman by lack of full supervisory duties.

Differs from Electrician in that work is of a more complex nature (work on high voltage transformers, overhead underground and marine distribution lines and cables and the installation and maintenance of traffic signals.

Differs from Electrician Specialist Leader by lack of responsibility for overseeing work of other journeyman and advanced journeyman Electricians.

Examples of Work


Performs entire electrical maintenance on movable and stationary bridges.

Installs electrical equipment such as motors, starters, relays, panel boxes, switches, and coils for single and three phase systems.

Installs different types of voltage transformers and may be required to adjust voltage of agency owned transformers.

Troubleshoots shorts and open circuits in wiring, motors and emergency generators.

Maintains and repairs bridge hydraulic systems such as pumps, cylinders, hoses, filters, control valves.

Maintains and repairs grid couplings, locks, wedges, and barriers on movable bridges.

Performs maintenance to electrical distribution system over 600 volts at the district headquarters compound.


Performs a majority of duties on electrical systems/equipment at and above 660 volts:

Installs high voltage transformers.

Makes voltage adjustments on transformers.

Makes splices and insulates high voltage underground and overhead cables of 1,400 volts and above.

Locates and corrects problems on high and low voltage lines by using insulation meggers, oscillators or tone detectors to locate faults in underground cables.

Uses phasing sticks on phase rotation meters to check out rotation of cables before switching into the circuits.

Troubleshoots, repairs, and installs electrical meters, starters, and related switch gear and controls.

Installs, tests, repairs, and maintains generators, trans formers, converters, regulators, switches, circuit breakers, recording instruments, control systems and other circuit systems.

Dismantles, repairs and assembles generators, synchronous motors, motor generators, and rotary converters. Installs, alters, and replaces generation and distribution equipment in power plants, substations, transformer vaults, or distribution centers. Cleans, adjusts and repairs electrical equipment such as air and oil circuit breakers and remotely controlled telemetering equipment.

Draws, interprets, updates and files electrical blueprints.

Provides guidance to private contractors on circuitry layout of building and facilities.

Directs and trains helpers and may supervise other electricians or maintenance personnel on a functional basis.
Performs advanced Journeyman level work in the installation and
maintenance of marine electrical systems and related equipment.

Installs and repairs marine distribution cables.

Dismantles, repairs and assemble generators, synchronous motors, and marine motor generators and may overhaul marine generators on marine vessel electrical power plant systems.

Installs, tests, repairs, and maintains marine vessel generators, transformers, converters, regulators, switches, circuit breakers, recording instruments, control systems and other circuit systems.

Installs and repairs rigid electrical conduits, pulls in conductors, assembles buss bars, phases out and converts conductors, splices cables and seals connectors.

Troubleshoots distribution circuits and generating and controlling equipment to locate and correct the causes of outages and improper operation.

Repairs electrical auxiliary equipment in boosters and engine rooms, filtering and changing transformers oil, and checking conditions of insulators, oil circuit breakers and related equipment.

Checks and trues commutators and slip rings of rotary equipment while turning in their bearings, using dressing stones, under cutters and grinders.

Uses standard electrical tools and equipment such as volt meters, ammeters, watt meters, places and adjust mechanical contacts and trippers and time-delay intervals of circuit breakers and relays using feeler gauges, dressings tools, and timing devices.

Installs, alters, maintains, and repairs electrical systems such as electrical motors for generator pumps, lighting systems, and other electrical fixtures and equipment.

Performs repairs, maintenance and alteration to electrical systems of electrical movable bridges repairing limit switches, plunger switches, electrical drive motors, transformers, conduits hydraulic pumps motors and troubleshoots all electrical systems.


Installs, alters, maintains and repairs, traffic signals, controllers, and traffic loops.

Uses volt, amp and watt meters to troubleshoot and repair electrical problems.

Repairs overhead lights at rest areas, weigh stations and highway units.

Installs new traffic signal lights and flashing beacons.

Erects new poles and transfers interconnect and other cables, spans and controllers to new poles.

Erects free standing electronic traffic controllers at road intersections and fabricates signal lights.

Inspects signal cables and replaces signal heads.

State of Louisiana At A Glance

There is a rich diversity of peoples in Louisiana. They include the original Indian inhabitants, plus the descendants of a variety of settlers, among whom were the French, Spanish, English, German, Acadians, West Indians, Africans, Irish and Italians and now include almost every nationality on earth.
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