Solomon Carter Fuller MHC

Electrician II - Boston

Boston, MA

Job Description

Electrician II

Posted: Wednesday, 2/7/2024

The Metro Boston Area is looking for an experienced and motivated Electrician II, to install and repair electrical wiring, fixtures, and apparatus and control equipment in state building or institution; performs related work as required. Supervise other trade workers on assignment to Metro Boston facilities.

Duties and Responsibilities (these duties are a general Summary and not all inclusive):

  • Develops and implements preventative maintenance plans for all electrical system, equipment, and devices.
  • Planning layout and installing and maintaining electrical wiring, fixtures, apparatus, and master control, monitor and interfaces with contract.
  • Repairing electrical equipment and apparatus such as motors, generators, regulators, and alarm systems.
  • Testing and charging storage batteries and repairing and replacing electrical parts.
  • Operating and maintaining testing switchboards and power panel. Visual inspection of Sub Station-One and Sub Station Two. Ensure Security, Fire Safety, and Safety and Integrity of the area. Feedback to Director of Facilities & Maintenance and Mechanical Engineer of findings.
  • Reading electrical meters and recording meter readings.
  • Cleaning and lubrication of electrical machinery and equipment and maintaining an inventory of parts and equipment.
  • Supervising of trade workers or electricians under Director of Facilities & Maintenance and Mechanical Engineer in the installation, maintenance and repair of electrical wiring systems and equipment when necessary.
  • Operating and maintaining motors, generators, switchboards and similar electrical devices and equipment.
  • Oversee annual electrical apparatus inspection and annual tagging for inspection per JCAHO standards.
  • Inspect and approve new purchase and or refurbished electrical equipment prior to use by client and caregivers.
  • Tag out and tag in all apparatus and equipment that are deemed unsafe.
  • Interface with contracts under the Director of Facilities & Maintenance and Mechanical Engineer in resolving testing and maintaining utility systems.
  • Responsible for facility life safety equipment and apparatus operation per NFPA and JCAHO standards.

  • Valid Massachusetts Journeyman or Master Electrician License.

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