Electrician 1/C - Newport News

Newport News, VA

Job Description

Electrician 1/C

Posted: Sunday, 8/6/2023




An electrician with 4 or more years of experience performing electrical work in a shipyard/industrial environment in accordance with drawings and specifications. Analyzes and corrects electrical problems and repairs and overhauls electrical equipment and controls with the use of occasional supervision and while always adhering to industry safety standards.


  • Plans details of working procedure by determining replacement needs or new material required and develops a logical approach to correct the problem according to specifications.
  • Analyzes circuits, wiring diagrams and drawings to install, repair, calibrate, service or replace electronic devices and systems.
  • Receives wiring diagrams, specifications, and instructions from supervisors covering emergency and scheduled repairs, installation, and electrical inspection work to be performed.
  • Performs work requiring a thorough knowledge of electrical theory and principles, statutory codes, properties of materials and principles of operation of electrical equipment. Starts up and shuts down equipment in accordance with company safety procedures for machine activation and shutdown and in line with OSHA requirements.
  • Services electronic equipment by checking, testing, and replacing faulty components, circuits, printed circuit boards, and similar electronic devices.
  • Installs, repairs, and maintains communication cables, power distribution cables, then splicing pieces as required.
  • Fabricates parts if not commercially available, using machine and hand tools common to the trade.
  • Determines need for, analyzes, and makes necessary running adjustments, repairs, and overhauls.
  • Advises and cautions operators and mechanics about potential electrical problems and inherent dangers involved.
  • Notifies supervisor of potentially dangerous electrical equipment noted and corrective action taken.


  • Ability to safely set up and install electrical equipment at job sites to provide a range of services
  • Ability to use material efficiently to prevent waste
  • Advanced ability to use drawings to install multiple systems simultaneously using all available personnel
  • Advanced ability to read and interpret blueprints, and to successfully identify material types, part, references, and applicable views and details.
  • Advanced knowledge of temporary services requirements for all work and for all trades
  • Advanced understanding of Standard Item reporting requirements and ability to submit required reports on time
  • Advanced ability to install and remove electrical equipment
  • Ability to correctly identify base material types and usages
  • Ability to effectively communicate with Ship Force personnel for requirements for items such as Energized Gear Chits, WAFS, and ESOMS
  • Ability to effectively communicate with ECR Project Managers and Superintendents
  • Ability to effectively communicate with supervisor and to build and maintain a good working relationship with personnel under his/her direction
  • Ability to provide a safe working environment for the personnel under his/her direction
  • Ability to recognizes material needs before he/she runs out of material
  • Ability to resolve issues without Supervisory approval
  • Ability to read associated drawing and applications of the EPSIM for those drawings
  • Advanced knowledge of electrical systems and how they operate
  • Advanced use of electrical meters to trouble shoot electrical systems
  • Ability to set up personnel and tools correctly to accomplish installation or removal of electrical systems
  • Knowledge of different power systems and the requirements for trouble shooting and testing of 24-volt DC, 110 volt AC, 440 volt AC
  • Advanced use of positioning equipment (dogs/wedges, rams, saddles)
  • Advanced knowledge of shipbuilding standards as per EPSIM
  • Advanced knowledge of inspection standards required as per the DWGS and standard items for 009-16, 009-36, 009-73, 009-25, 009-84, 009-23 009-24
  • Adheres to safety requirements WAF and Lock-out and Tag-out
  • Ability to instruct others to navigate onboard vessels to find work areas/backsides of work areas
  • Advanced knowledge of industry safety standards/training


1. High school diploma or GED; and 4 or more years of experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience.

2. Valid state motor vehicle operator’s permit to operate electrician’s cart and forklift truck for installation jobs.

3. High degree of precision working with minimum tolerances required.

4. High degree of attention and care required to prevent injury to others when responsible for flow of electrical power.

5. Must be able to gain access to military installations.

6. Must pass drug test and background check.

  • Ability to lift 20 pounds regularly and up to 50 pounds occasionally.
  • Ability to sit and/or stand for long periods of time.
  • 401(k)
  • Dental insurance
  • Employee assistance program
  • Health insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Paid time off
  • Vision insurance


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