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Digital Content Producer I , Vietnamese Service (D.C. or Taipei-Based) - Washington

Washington, DC

Job Description

Digital Content Producer I , Vietnamese Service (D.C. or Taipei-Based)

Posted: Thursday, 9/14/2023

RFA’s Vietnamese Service is currently seeking a skilled video professional who will be able to plan and execute the entire cycle of video production, creating compelling and engaging multimedia content that will help to broadcast and fulfill its mission to the wider public. This is a full-time position and is open for applicants to be based in our Washington, DC, office or Taipei Bureau.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Planning video projects from story development, research, proposal to production, and drawing upon strong creative skills to explore new trends and approaches to video storytelling.
  • Presenting clear, credible and informative content on camera in a live or as live situation.
  • Researching information online and from other relevant news sources – including archival footage and photos as well as public records and government data – to support and enrich story writing.
  • Translating stories into video scripts that may include a variety of visual elements, such as reporter stand-ups, B-rolls, studio interviews, Skype interviews, and other relevant footage.
  • Using production equipment – digital cameras, DSLRs, audio recorders, microphones, lights, and more to perform a range of tasks related to video production, including lighting set up, camera set up, interview shooting, and B-roll shooting.
  • Editing video at level consistent with an understanding of basic video editing concepts and strong proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite, particularly in Adobe Premiere and After Effects.
  • Editing first rough cuts drawing upon all available visual and audio means, including infographic design, data presentation, music, and sound effects.
  • Creating final cuts with finalized editing and simple motion design, animation, and special effects.
  • Delivering clean, clear, and creative final product packages, including final videos, promotional videos and short descriptions, finalized scripts for web, as well as thumbnails in different formats tailored for different platforms and user groups.
  • Other duties as assigned.
  • Education
    • Bachelor's degree in journalism or related field from an accredited school or university or equivalent transferable skills showing the ability to gather, produce, write, and present news and information clearly and objectively.

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