Delivery Specialist - London

London, OH
For our more than 300 team members, RENT-2-OWN is much more than just a nice place to work. It’s a c

Job Description

Delivery Specialist

Posted: Wednesday, 1/10/2024

Responsible for the safe delivery, setup, service, and retrieval of products from the store to a customers home. Contributes to the team by repairing, cleaning, and moving product from stockroom to the sales floor. Reports directly to the Store Manager.

Traits you already have:
  • Sense of direction
  • Friendly attitude!
  • Efficient time management
  • Problem solving skills
  • Clean driving record If they know you by name at traffic court we should
probably look into another position for you!
Things you will learn and be responsible for:
  • Job training on company policies and procedures to maintain safety on the
road and in customer homes
  • Inspects, protects, and maintains company merchandise and vehicles
  • Safely loads and unloads product into trucks daily to avoid damage
4 Maintains safe driving record and takes responsibility for product delivered
and returned in transit.
4 Ensures customers understand all parts of the rental agreement and
acknowledge the delivery is to the correct person in a safe environment
4 Sets up and demonstrates features and benefits of product to customer
4 Assists store employees in repairing, cleaning and moving product in store
4 Provides great customer service like WOW!
  • Satisfactory work record and attendance.
  • Valid State motor vehicle operator's license with evidence of safety and insurability within the guidelines of the insurer.
  • The ability to safely operate and do basic maintenance with equipment and delivery vehicles.
  • High school graduate or equivalent.
  • Willingness to work as a Team Player.
  • Willingness to work within the policies, procedures and ethics established by the company.
  • Able to properly lift and repetitively maneuver all store products and equipment including but not limited to household furniture, appliances and electronics by using proper equipment and safe lifting techniques.
  • Must be dependable, reliable and mature enough to handle all types of monetary transactions, as well as company assets such as equipment and vehicles in a safe and sensible manner
  • Maintains complete knowledge of all product features and can demonstrate proper operation and connection.
  • Responsible for product being clean and in proper working order prior to display on the showroom floor.
  • Responsible for product being complete in all pieces, parts, accessories, & manuals during delivery and pick-up.
- Maintains complete knowledge of the RENT-2-OWN Rental Agreement and Benefits Program.
  • Follows all store policies and procedures for interacting with customers.
  • Uses hand trucks, dollies and other equipment to transport product while providing a safe, damage free delivery.
  • Receives product into the store by following the proper inventory receiving and transfer procedures.
  • Maintains the backroom in a safe, clean and organized condition.
  • Cleans, repairs and performs service and proper service documentation on product as needed.
  • Performs preventative and routine maintenance on delivery vehicles.
  • Protects the Company image by safely and courteously operating the delivery vehicle.
  • Distributes promotional items and literature such as door hangers and flyers, during delivery and pickup.
  • Can successfully document and receive customer payments in the field and store.

  • Attends and participates in weekly store Team Meetings and recommended training programs
  • Promotes the integrity and goodwill of the company throughout the business and residential community.
Company Overview
A family-owned business since 1985, Rent-2-Own, is one of the fastest growing and most successful operations in the RTO industry. We currently have 33 locations throughout southern OH and northern KY that serve well over 19,000 customers. Our Rent-2-Own family of over 300 employees is dedicated to providing superior service that our customers deserve and have come to expect. Our company's mission is a simple one, We Get Nice Folks Nice Stuff", and that all begins with hiring Nice People!

Rent-2-Own At A Glance

For our more than 300 team members, RENT-2-OWN is much more than just a nice place to work. It’s a community, some even call it a family. Not surprising when you have worked at the same place for 10, 15, and yes, even 20 years, as a number of our friendly folks have. All of us also like to give back to the communities where we live and work, whether it be supporting the local ball team or donating backpacks to neighborhood kids. Over the years, RENT-2-OWN has made major contributions to important organizations like Supplemental Assistance to the Handicapped and the Shriners' Hospital. Plus, we have gladly offered our time to special events such as Kamp Dovetail. It’s this commitment that makes RENT-2-OWN different and better than the other rental places out there... and we wouldn’t have it any other way!
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