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Craftsman / General Carpentry - Scarborough

Scarborough, ME

Job Description

Craftsman / General Carpentry

Posted: Saturday, 8/5/2023
The Craftsman is the core of our TEAM; highly talented, multi-skilled tradesman who is committed to quality work, customer service, and who possess a strong will to be successful, follow company Service Path practices; and complete all tasks assigned in a timely and professional manner. Independent thinkers and problem solvers with strong communication skills who enjoy variety and are interested in personal growth; will succeed with Ace Handyman Services. The Craftsman should have the following attributes:

A good overall knowledge of all trades:
  • Carpentry
  • Plumbing
  • Tile
  • Electrical
Proper Equipment:
A well rounded set of hand and power tools. Not necessarily having every tool, but knowing what tools are needed for certain tasks.

Trouble Shooting Skills:
Must be a quick thinker and have the ability to be able to examine a problem situation and come up with a resolution in a prompt and professional manner.

Excellent Communication Skills:
Must be able to communicate with Management, Schedulers, Fellow Employees, Homeowners, Suppliers, Property Managers, and Commercial Customers.

  • Clean-Cut appearance
  • Decent looking vehicle (will be provided a fleet truck or van in 1-3 months from starting position)
  • Organized tools
  • Looks around the property and communicates to the customer, things you could repair or things that our company can handle. Increases scope of work in excess of 6 out of 10 projects.
  • Takes time to earn the customer’s confidence and then inquires about additional work that you could perform.
  • Sometimes taking the time to fix something small, then points out to the customer to help them understand that we are capable of doing more.
  • Punctual, efficient, maintains highest levels of professionalism and craftsmanship.
  • Enjoys being an Integral part of a winning team.
  • Demonstrates ability and willingness to EXCEED Customers expectations.
Additional Lead-Person requirements:
  • Must consistently Follow Ace Handyman Service Path procedures
  • Expand work order scope of Job at least 6/10 times
  • Paperwork accurate and timely on a consistent basis
  • Exhibit Influence and direct the activities of other craftsmen on the job.
  • Assist in TEAM recruitment and training efforts
  • Customer Service Oriented and in Constant Communication with office morning, noon, and night, and communicates timely and appropriately with customers on a consistent basis being courteous, making eye contact, being a good listener, and proper use of humor.
  • Strong positive work ethic and a can-do attitude
  • Demonstrates the willingness to go above and beyond the call of normal routines
  • Consistent High quality of work

Ace Handyman Services is a franchise network of Independently Owned and Operated Franchises. Your application will go directly to the franchise owner, and all hiring decisions will be made by the management of that franchise. All inquiries about employment at this franchise should be made directly to the franchise owner, and not to Ace Handyman Services Corporate.

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