Thomas Riley Artisans Guild Inc

Cabinetmaker / Millwork Craftsman - Naples

Naples, FL

Job Description

Cabinetmaker / Millwork Craftsman

Posted: Tuesday, 2/20/2024

Description: Sets up and operates a variety of machines and uses various hand tools to fabricate monumental millwork, cabinetry and other goods. Familiar with standard concepts, best practices, and procedures within the woodworking field. Relies on experience, judgment, and teamwork to plan and accomplish goals. Performs a variety of tasks. A degree of creativity and latitude is expected.

Supervisor: VP of Production Operations

Essential Functions:

  • Fabrication
  • Material tracking and selection
  • Finish & Installation prop
  • Quality Control
  • Parts list management
  • As-built notations
  • Understand, recognize, and manufacture Nothing Less Than Monumental craftsmanship.
  • Possess a specific skill set tailored to the woodworking field including knowledge of material properties, ability to read prints, measure, and create a detailed cut list and assembly process, as well as estimation skills.
  • Trained and able to safely use machinery to maximize use of the sheet goods and mill hard lumber into cut list components.
  • Knowledge with safety, set up, maintenance and use of woodworking machinery.
  • Formulate an assembly process that most efficiently prepares goods for the subsequent department(s).
  • Knowledge of general hardware and the integration into the construction process.
  • Ability to look at a project from an installers perspective to understand all field conditions and take preventative measures for damage control.
  • Attends a final inspection meeting on all projects before they are sent to the subsequent department(s).
  • Works with Engineer, VP of Production Operations, VP of Finish Operations and Installer to ensure the manufacturing process is done properly and according to schedule.
  • Able to stay on track of estimated hours and meet deadlines.
  • Able to stand for long hours (8+).
  • Must be able to perform installation work when necessary.
  • Maintains the ability to remain objective and proactive, follow through with business priorities, and manage quality initiatives throughout the manufacturing phase of the operation.
  • Identifies and eliminates Company-wide non-value added activities, by working with Operations Management to implement effective corrective and preventive actions by way of EOS and continuous improvement.
  • Provides individual contribution in problem solving efforts on selected projects to improve quality and reduce costs.
  • Performs other duties and responsibilities as assigned.

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