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Bus Driver - San Jose

San Jose, CA

Job Description

Bus Driver

Posted: Tuesday, 5/14/2024

We are currently searching for a Bus Driver. This position is full-time, working a minimum of 35 hours per week. Starting pay is $22.75 per hour (dependent on experience). Scheduled hours of work vary depending on the need.

Hourly Range: $22.75 $29.00

Our Mission: Our mission is to educate students for success at college and beyond, and to foster kindness, respect and integrity within a safe and nurturing environment. We achieve academic excellence through the development of intellectual curiosity, personal accountability and love of learning. Our comprehensive program and exceptional faculty and staff help students discover, develop and enjoy their unique talents. We honor individuality, embrace diversity, and promote leadership and service, preparing students to take their place as global citizens.

Position Summary

School Bus Driver is responsible for operating a Harker school bus or other Harker vehicle and transporting students, parents, and staff safely and efficiently over specified routes to and from schools and various activities. Bus Driver conducts pre-trip inspections; observes safety regulations and policies; enforces student discipline on the bus; and performs related work. As a member of the Harker staff, drivers are expected to be supportive of the schools goals, objectives, policies, and procedures, and to conduct and present themselves in a professional manner at all times.

Essential functions and basic duties:

  • Drive bus following assigned schedule and routes to transport students, parents and/or staff to and from school campuses, activities and field trips in accordance with all applicable federal, state, local regulations and school transportation policies
  • Escort children across streets when necessary, stopping traffic as needed
  • Instruct children in safety precautions and practices prior to all field trip departures
  • Conduct Annual evacuation and safe riding procedures drill
  • Maintain order among the passengers on the bus and waiting at the bus stops, following School policies regarding student discipline and interaction with parents and the public
  • Perform possible emergency first-aid care and summon aid
  • Complete daily safety check of the bus as required by CHP before operation
  • Maintain the appearance of school vehicles by ensuring they are kept clean both inside and out
  • Maintain Harker Vehicles are in a safe operating condition by checking and adding fuel, DEF and water as needed and reporting mechanical defects immediately
  • Ensure the bus is safely and securely stored
  • Submits daily reports, preventive maintenance reports and other reports as required
  • Participate in safety meetings, driver workshops, and other training as required by law and/or scheduled by the administration or transportation manager
  • Maintain convoy when multiple buses are traveling together
  • May provide basic orientation to bus driver monitors/trainees who accompany Bus Driver on regular route
  • Other duties as needed and assigned by Transportation Manager
  • Knowledge of safe driving practices
  • Knowledge of the provisions of the California Motor Vehicle Code and the Education Code applicable to the operation of vehicles in the transportation of school children
  • Ability to drive a school bus and other automotive equipment safely and efficiently
  • Ability to maintain order among students and other passengers while on the bus, or waiting in line
  • Ability to use good judgment in the application of laws, policies and rules in situations which arise while operating a school bus
  • Ability to understand and carry out oral and written directions
  • Ability to work professionally and cooperatively with those contacted in the course of work
  • Ability to manage time effectively and adhere to scheduled route and time table
  • Knowledge of the San Jose area and assigned travel routes
  • maintain simple records
  • Ability to wash, clean, fuel, add DEF, and perform safety inspection of bus
  • Willingness to work a varied schedule of hours and days as assigned, in order to fulfill the transportation needs of the programs of The Harker School
  • The ability to read and use maps to plan best route for field trips
  • The ability to take charge and stay calm in stressful and or emergency situations

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