Assistant Nurse Manager ED FT Nights Winter Haven - Winter Haven

Winter Haven, FL
AdventHealth is a faith-based health care organization headquartered in Altamonte Springs, Florida.

Job Description

Assistant Nurse Manager ED FT Nights Winter Haven

Posted: Saturday, 4/6/2024

All the benefits and perks you need for you and your family:

  • Benefits from Day One
  • Paid Days Off from Day One
  • Student Loan Repayment Program
  • Debt-free Education* (Certifications and Degrees without out-of-pocket tuition expense)
  • Nursing Clinical Ladder Program*
  • Sign-on Bonus*
  • Relocation Bonus*
  • Team Based Nursing Model_
  • Reimbursement for the NCLEX*

Our promise to you:

Joining AdventHealth is about being part of something bigger. It’s about belonging to a community that believes in the wholeness of each person, and serves to uplift others in body, mind and spirit. AdventHealth is a place where you can thrive professionally, and grow spiritually, by Extending the Healing Ministry of Christ. Where you will be valued for who you are and the unique experiences you bring to our purpose-minded team. All while understanding that together we are even better.

Schedule: Full Time

Shift : Nights

Location: 40100 US-27, Davenport, FL 33837

The community you’ll be caring for: AdventHealth Heart of Florida & Winter Haven

  • AdventHealth Heart of Florida is a licensed 193-bed acute care hospital, coupled with outpatient services including imaging, rehab, lab and wound care, that has been serving the community for over 50 years.
  • As a part of the AdventHealth network patients will have greater access to a wide range of innovative therapies, new research, leading-edge technology and an extensive team of medical specialists.
  • High-quality care that has been recognized by the Joint Commission, the American Heart Association and the American Diabetes Association.
  • Located in Davenport, FL., which is close to major destinations, like Busch Gardens, Legoland, and Walt Disney World, without being located in the central hub of tourism.

The role you’ll contribute:

The ANM is a registered professional nurse who supports the Nurse Manager or Director in overall operations of their assigned unit. Is able to demonstrate critical thinking skills, creativity, and has the knowledge to manage resources to achieve quality performance, positive employee relations, and compliance with hospital guidelines. The ANM is skilled in coaching, mentoring, and leading a professional and technical team in the delivery of services to our patient population. The ANM assures quality of care is delivered to our patients and demonstrates effective stewardship of scarce resources. Is supportive of change activities on their unit and works to assure implementation of change that may occur. Actively participates in outstanding customer service and accepts responsibility in maintaining relationships that are equally respectful to all.

The value you’ll bring to the team:


Consistently demonstrates through behavior Advent Health’s core values of Integrity, Compassion, Balance, Excellence, Stewardship, and Teamwork. Adheres to the ANA Code of Ethics, the ANA Scope and Standard for Nursing Practice, and the AONE Nurse Executive Competencies

1. Lead the Employees – Has a working knowledge of performance expectations for all employees on the unit.

a. Monitors performance of the staff and report’s findings to the nurse manager or takes corrective action for improvement as appropriate. Uses independent judgment to make recommendations to supervisor/manager regarding:

Ø Applicant selection for interview and input into the hiring process after actively participating in the interview process.

Ø The reassignment of employees for the betterment of patient care delivery.

Ø Suspension or other discipline (after consultation with HR and/or NM) for work infractions, performance deficiencies and conduct violations by exercising supervisory authority.

Ø Periodic evaluations of supervised employees. Recommends promotion of supervised employees, recommends bonuses and awarding of other discretionary rewards to supervised employees.

Ø The assignment of employees to particular duties or activities or to authorize and assign overtime to employees where appropriate.

Ø The adjustment/resolution of complaints, concerns, and problems of supervised employees regarding work assignments, hours of work overtime scheduling, and other work-related matters.

b. Leads the employees in a manner which develops the employee to their optimal level of performance

c. Mentors and coaches employees on a continual basis in order to assure competency in care delivery. Develops staff preceptors and mentors.

d. Assures diversity of staff is positively fostered in the work environment. Actively involves all groups in shared decision-making where appropriate.

e. Effectively manages conflict and is able to reach a common goal and resolve conflicts

f. Creates a work environment that addresses the physical and emotional needs of the staff

g. Maintains a customer oriented leadership style. Remembers that patients are the reason for our business.

h. Holds self and staff accountable for delivery of care and resulting patient outcomes.

2. Performance Improvement - Demonstrates familiarity with the performance improvement model of the organization.

a. Support performance improvement activities on the unit through problem identification, assessment, data gathering, change implementation, and evaluation of outcomes.

b. Is actively involved in all aspects of patient safety on the unit including but not limited to; sentinel event monitoring and reporting, root cause analysis, DNV requirements, incident reporting, medication safety policies and procedures.

c. Assures workplace safety for the employees and demonstrates knowledge of regulatory requirements for workplace safety, i.e., CMS, OSHA, DNV, etc.

d. Is supportive of Process Improvement Initiatives by sponsoring and/or participating in the activities.

e. Ensures that practice changes, as a result of performance improvement activities, are implemented.

f. Supports quality standards and initiatives set by the department.

3. Critical Thinking – Utilizes critical thinking skills in the performance of their duties as an ANM

a. Supports the planning, organizing, and leading of the unit through application of critical thinking skills

b. Utilizes data driven decision making, incorporating evidence into the decision process

c. Appropriately uses problem solving skills

d. Thinks of the system as a whole when analyzing data and making decisions

e. Is able to utilize critical thinking skills in persuading others

4. Business of Healthcare Delivery – Utilizes a working knowledge of health care economics and healthcare public policy as it applies to the delivery of patient care

a. Understands the broad impact of reimbursement on the delivery of patient care services, including but not limited to Medicare, Managed care, Medicaid, third party providers, challenges to current health care policies, and key legislative initiatives at the local, state, and national level.

b. Is involved in unit-department based budgeting and support of the budget. Maintains staffing and scheduling, and resource utilization within budgeted targets for the unit.

c. Fosters patient, family, staff, and physician satisfaction. Understands the impact of dissatisfaction on the business goals of the unit.

5. Technology – Demonstrates an understanding of the technology utilized on the unit.

a. Is highly knowledgeable in the supply and medication management systems of the unit

b. Appropriately integrates technology into the day-to-day care of the patient and leverage technology to improve patient care outcomes

c. Uses basic computer skills such as word processing, data management, internet/email, and skills to access evidence based information.

6. Clinical Practice Knowledge – Is an expert in the clinical practice requirements of their unit.

a. Mentors and precepts employees in the clinical practice requirements of the unit

b. Assures appropriate application of clinical knowledge in the care of all patients

c. Assesses patients for clinical need. Plans for delivery of care to the patient and evaluates the outcomes of care delivered in relation to clinical effectiveness

d. Sets clear expectations in the delivery of clinical practice

e. Adheres to models of care established for clinical practice

f. Includes support services in the delivery of care

g. Ensures that the patient experience is the focus of all services

h. Assists the staff, nursing and support staff, to find a sense of meaning and purpose in the delivery of patient-focused care

i. Establishes and maintains a communication plan that disseminates key messages and decisions to all involved in the care of a patient.

j. Is culturally competent and leads staff in the delivery of culturally competent care

k. Utilizes evidence based practice as a foundation for patient care delivery

l. Monitors and leads staff in relation to established processes and outcome measures

7. Relationships and Behaviors – Utilizes relationship in influencing behaviors on the unit

a. Utilizes active listening, feedback, inquiry, and validation in communicating with others in relation to meeting the goals of the unit.

b. Understands the functions of a group process. Is able to facilitate effective groups for the delivery of nursing care and for collaboration with other disciplines.

c. Supports academic relationships through welcoming students to the unit and assisting in their training process.

d. Promotes, nurtures, and maintains interdisciplinary relationships in order to assure patient-focused care and better patient outcomes

e. Maintain appropriate collaborative relationship with patient, families, staff, vendors, physicians, other disciplines, and other contacts.

f. Works collaboratively to define acceptable behaviors from staff, physicians, and other disciplines within the organization and adheres to these acceptable behaviors

8. Professionalism – Demonstrates a professional persona in their work

a. Acts as a role model for professional behavior

b. Maintains the confidentiality of employees, patients, administration, and medical staff information with no infractions

c. Maintains professional appearance and adheres to departmental dress code at all time

d. Accepts assignments within or away from the department activity or unit with a positive and cooperative attitude.

e. Accepts and profits from direction and counseling.

f. Refuses to participate in unethical procedures and assumes the responsibility of informing the appropriate authority of noted incompetence or unethical behavior.

g. Utilizes available education materials, programs, literature, and resource personnel for career development.

h. Accepts responsibility for knowing current changes in policy, protocols and procedures through the hospital communication systems.

i. Supports quality standards, goals and initiatives set by the department and applicable professional organizations.

j. Attends mandatory in-services and either attends or reads notes from unit meetings.

  • May perform waived and/or non-waived Point of Care Testing. If performing non-waived Point of Care Testing, as defined in AHCA rule 59A-7.034, must have approved competency and documented proof (copy of either diploma or transcript, at the highest level of academic achievement) at the time of Advent Health non-waived Point of Care training
  • Benefits from Day One
  • Paid Days Off from Day One
  • Student Loan Repayment Program
  • Debt-free Education* (Certifications and Degrees without out-of-pocket tuition expense)
  • Nursing Clinical Ladder Program*
  • Sign-on Bonus*
  • Relocation Bonus*
  • Team Based Nursing Model_
  • Reimbursement for the NCLEX*

AdventHealth At A Glance

AdventHealth is a faith-based health care organization headquartered in Altamonte Springs, Florida. A national leader in quality, safety and patient satisfaction, AdventHealth's 80,000 employees maintain a tradition of whole-person health by caring for the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of every patient. With 45 hospital campuses and nearly 8,200 licensed beds in 10 states, AdventHealth facilities incorporate the latest technological advancements and clinical research to serve more than 4.7 million patients annually. The full continuum of integrated care also includes urgent care centers, home health and hospice agencies, and skilled nursing facilities. Each AdventHealth facility operates independently in delivering care and services to best meet the needs of the local communities they serve. While each entity is unique, all remain united in one mission of Extending the Healing Ministry of Christ.
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