Apartment Maintenance & Service Technician - Senior Building - Granada Hills

Granada Hills, CA

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Apartment Maintenance & Service Technician - Senior Building

Posted: Wednesday, 12/13/2023

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Under the direction and supervision of the Property Manager or Administrative Assistant where applicable, serves as the point of contact for maintenance on the property and is responsible for preserving, upholding and maintaining the building(s) in a superior condition. Perform duties in an efficient and timely manner. Treat residents with dignity and respect. Provide excellent customer service to the residents.


Ensure all maintenance work is completed in accordance with company policy and procedures in accordance with the standards outlined in the “Site Procedure Manual.” Keep the property well maintained so that it is always ready to successfully pass a REAC inspection;

Complete all work order requests within 24 hours, if parts are available, procure parts if necessary, and complete the repair as soon as the parts are available;

Document completed work per the work order system; if the resident is present during the repair, have the resident sign the work order. If the resident is not available at the time the work order is complete, communicate with the resident and have resident sign the work order at their earliest convenience;

Police grounds daily and remove trash as needed; Weekly check lawn for ant beds and other pests and treat accordingly; Check storm drains daily to ensure they properly drain;

Remove trash from the trash chute and dispose of as provided and as needed. Deodorize trash room on regular basis;

Check all community areas and ensure they are clean and well maintained. Check the plumbing fixtures in common areas for leaks. Fix any deficiencies found;

Maintain community room, setting up tables and chairs as needed; Put up elevator pads in elevators for moving furniture, if applicable;

Perform all preventive maintenance requirements for all building equipment such as elevators, PTACs, stoves, refrigerators, HVAC equipment, etc. as identified in the Site Procedures Manual and as instructed in the owner’s manual for each piece of equipment;

Complete HVAC repairs, and if properly certified, install/remove Freon to HVAC equipment; Install flooring in resident units;

Maintain work order and preventive maintenance logs and if required by the Property Manager, keep the maintenance files for each unit recording any repairs made to a unit in the file.

Maintain all tools, equipment, and supplies in a uniform manner, in a storage bin, or shelf; Inventory all equipment, tools, supplies, and appliances monthly in accordance with the guidelines in the Site Procedures Manual. Maintain accountability of equipment, tools, supplies and appliances and support the Property Manager in maintaining the inventory control system and in ordering maintenance supplies/parts so that the property has the supplies necessary to maintain the building and the dwelling units;

Implement energy conservation measures, (i.e., window caulking, checking common area thermostat settings, etc.) as directed by the Property Manager;

Schedule, or assist the Property Manager with scheduling carpet/vinyl replacement, painters, cabinet replacement and other vendors as necessary to make building repairs;

Monitor all maintenance contracts and outsourced work, (i.e., cleaning, elevator, landscaper, etc.) Ensure all work is being completed as specified in the contract;

Assist Property Manager in periodic unit inspections, noting repairs necessary and any fire/safety/health or housing code violations; Also assist in determining cost to repair damages;

Clean and paint apartments on move-out in a timely manner not to exceed 4 business days. If additional refurbishment is necessary to include replacing flooring or cabinets, complete the work so that the apartment is market ready within 10 business days. Keep records of preparation time spent on each unit notify the Property Manager if these timelines can’t be met;

Be on-call for after hour and weekend emergencies in accordance with the emergency procedures in the Site Procedures Manual.

Inspect the building exterior and complete work as necessary to maintain building façade, doors, windows and roofs;

Inspect parking lots, driveways, sidewalks for issues and repair as necessary; check lighting and general site security;

Perform Custodian responsibilities, if directed, to include: i) maintaining the office and common areas and office space, dusting, mopping, cleaning and picking up trash as appropriate; and ii) maintaining a manicured appearance to all grounds such as mowing grass, trimming shrubs, watering grass and shrubs, raking and edging sidewalks in absence of the custodian or cleaning crew;

Explain heating and air conditioner appliance use to new residents;

When walking the building or in a unit, always be observant of resident and unit issues and report any issues to Property Management immediately. Pay particular attention to resident issues such as hoarding and any water damage or mold/mildew issues and ensure they are properly dried and addressed.

Other duties may be assigned or required as necessary.


Always use common sense and good judgement in day to day operations and demonstrate self-control.

Must demonstrate a pleasing personality and treat residents with dignity and respect. Must have the ability to work with and understand the problems and attitudes of residents and coworkers. Must demonstrate attention to detail in completing work. Always maintain a neat, clean and professional appearance and a clean and orderly maintenance area.


Must have a minimum of five years hands-on working experience in apartment or building maintenance. Must have experience in plumbing, heating, painting, electricity, and general building repairs. HVAC certification a plus.

Job requires a person that can make heavy lifts, (HVAC units or other equipment more than 50 lbs.) Overhead reaching to change light bulbs, paint walls and ceilings, make sheet rock repairs, squatting to clean floors, make plumbing repairs, etc.

Should successfully pass the Maintenance Evaluation Assessment or the Maintenance Technician Aptitude Test with a score above the national average.


The Maintenance Technician must: i) have the vision to be able to read printed materials, smart phone screens, computer screens and to make visual inspection of building and grounds; ii) be able to communicate in person and over a telephone; iii) be able to handle, feel and reach; iv) possess strength, stamina and mobility to perform physical work in and out of doors in all weather conditions; v) be able to frequently walk, sit, stand, climb, kneel, bend, stoop, and crawl; vi) be capable of using varied hand and power tools; vii) be capable of working in elevated areas to include on ladders and on roofs; viii) be able to lift and move materials and equipment weighing up to 50 pounds and heavier equipment with the use of proper equipment; ix) work in conditions of strong paint or cleaner smells; x) be able to work in setting with continuous interruptions and background noises; xi) be able to work under stress of meeting demanding deadlines, changing priorities and conditions; xii) have ability to keep calm and remain professional with residents and staff in high pressure and emergency situations; xiii) be able to analyze problems and develop solutions; xiv) be available outside of normal working hours (evenings and weekends) for emergency calls/work as needed; xv) be available to occasionally travel to other properties/locations for training or provide support; xvi) be committed to excellence and personal integrity.

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $26.00 - $28.00 per hour

Expected hours: 40 per week


  • 401(k)
  • 401(k) matching
  • Dental insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Health savings account
  • Paid time off
  • Retirement plan
  • Vision insurance


  • 8 hour shift
  • Monday to Friday
  • On call
  • Weekends as needed

Work Location: In person

  • 401(k)
  • 401(k) matching
  • Dental insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Health savings account
  • Paid time off
  • Retirement plan
  • Vision insurance

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