Apartment Maintenance Carpenter - Streamwood

Streamwood, IL
About Wiegel Wiegel is a third-generation, family-owned metal stamping and product manufacturer tha

Job Description

Apartment Maintenance Carpenter

Posted: Saturday, 1/27/2024

Job Functions:

Construct, install, and repair a variety of residential and industrial structures and fixtures. As well as the following:




Light Plumbing

Door Hanging



Framing - wood and metal

Facilities Maintenance

Light Electrical


Trim Carpentry


  • Abilty to commute to our other location in Wood Dale, IL when needed.
  • Ability to work alone and with others

Wiegel At A Glance

About Wiegel Wiegel is a third-generation, family-owned metal stamping and product manufacturer that's been in business for over 81 years. We are a team of over 250 employees, operating in 207,000 SF of manufacturing space within 4 locations in Illinois. We supply some of the biggest names in manufacturing with custom component parts, product assemblies and systems. People join our team and continue to grow with us because of our family atmosphere, the resources and technology available to our team and the strong value we place on employee improvement and success. We empower our employees to grow their career and secure their futures with training, encouragement and support. Wiegel makes it their mission to help employees develop on a personal and professional level. Team Accountability and Empowerment Our employees know every role in the company is highly valued and is an important asset to our bottom line, our growth and to the overall success of our company. Our management philosophy is to equip employees with the best resources so they can accomplish their work successfully and improve their skills. We don’t micromanage our employees. Instead, we trust and encourage our employees to be innovative, to find their own unique solutions to problems and to bring forth new ideas for better work processes and efficiency. The value Wiegel has on employee resources, trust, honesty and accountability has empowered individuals to have independence on impactful decisions and give employees a sense of ownership, accomplishment and pride within the company. A Culture of Collaboration and Performance All Wiegel facilities are clean, well air-conditioned and are continuously updated with facility improvements to make the work environment comfortable for our staff. A good working environment plays a positive part in the performance of our team members. We also invest in our industry’s top equipment and conduct on-going training with our employees on advanced technology for optimal individual performance and skills building. Our team embodies the nature of collaboration and alignment between all company departments. Our team understands the reliance of each team member’s strengths is how we can continue to solve problems together and grow and improve in unity. We are able to make our services and products that much better for our customers when we work together to align ideas, processes and actions. Your Opportunities and Goals At Wiegel, you can set your goals high. We provide many opportunities for personal and professional growth with internal promotions and new responsibilities. We allow our employees to evolve in their careers by expanding their knowledge and exposing them to new experiences. When our people grow, we are a stronger team and a stronger company. To help our employees improve their skill and expertise, we often sponsor our employees with paid continuous education and outside learning opportunities. We work very closely with local manufacturing and business associations and colleges to offer our employees great education opportunities with all costs covered by us. Safety training and equipment is also offered to assist employees in achieving their goals while keeping them safe and healthy at work. Why Work for Wiegel Wiegel is a place where people come to learn, grow and be supported in what they love to do. With advanced technology to train and experience, Wiegel upskills their people and gives them opportunities that may have seem impossible or out of reach at other organizations. We often promote our people from within and offer career advancement opportunities. We believe in our work family and encourage them to push, challenge and improve themselves toward becoming the people they want to be in their dream career! We offer a range of employee health, financial and life supporting benefits, and offer significantly competitive and fair above or at market compensation for all our positions. Working for Wiegel is working for the company that invests in you, your worth and your growth so you can become the best you in your best career!
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