Earn Money as you Mentor the Next Generation

Help young apprentices learn the right way to be successful in your industry.  Give back,  and earn cash while you do it.

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Meet the Mentors

I'm proud of the work I do. I love helping young people learn the hard and soft skills I have developed over the years.
Residential Plumbing
I am a self-taught lead HVAC installer showcasing my heating & air conditioning installs | New Jersey 🛠
Jeff J Dem
Residential HVAC
I am business manager for the Colorado Building & Construction Trades Council. Previously I was a sheet metal worker and now I help thousands of students into unions and apprenticeships.
Jason Wardrip
Construction Trades
I am an electrician in Honolulu who has worked in three countries and is fully licensed in Canada and Australia. I have worked in residential, commercial, industrial and also owned my own company.
Adam Cormier
Journeyman Electrician

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Side Hustle In a Box

We will work alongside you to create content for the Classet community. Check out some perks if you join Classet as a Creator Mentor:

$50 for each apprentice you help successfully enroll for an apprenticeship or trade school
Branding help: Our designer will help you design the perfect logo for your brand
Custom Landing Page - You can add Links like a link tree for your socials.
Custom Business Cards with your new URL and info
$150 Video Creator Kit (lights, mic, selfie stick)
Professional video of a Day-On-The-Job Video with the Classet Videographer onsite at your workplace.
Free consultation with the Classet Videographer to strategize on content and easy video production techniques.
Classet Swag - Custom Classet Beanie, Hoodie, and Stickers

How it Works


Apply to Become a Career Coach

Tell us about you and share a short example video of your day to day work.


Offer Advice and Build a Following

Once you are accepted, you will get a special mentor status in the Classet community.


Create 3-8 pieces of content a week

Create Audio or Video Content of your every day encounters, challenges, anything students will find interesting about real jobs. Our team can help with branding, content planning and direction


Offer Real Life Apprenticeships and Find Employees.

Get paid to signup students into trade school / union apprenticeship opportunities. Create relationships with the top 10% of Classet students. Who knows they might make great employees one day.

Shape the Next Generation

The opportunities for the next generation to learn from the best are few and far between.  We need to find a way to pass the torch. With Classet, you can earn money by creating educational content around basic concepts, speak to small groups of students as they are going through apprenticeship, or even mentor (or hire!) our top students directly.  Get in touch to learn more!